Poll: 7/29/15 [THE RESULTS ARE IN!]


I voted for Panic at Horror Mansion, Lazer Tag and Trading!


@Arctiq Same here :smiley:


Are there results for the poll yet?


I’ll post them later today or early tomorrow.

We will announce the results on our stream.


Okay, thanks!


Where are the results?


Mac said they’re being announced tomorrow, on stream.


Ok, thanks!


What time is the stream? Do you guys know?




Got it. Thanks!


No problem!


Whelp Minigolf and Lazer Tag won the polls. I voted for both of these so i’m very excited!


Oops. I forgot to show up to the stream xD


Poll results have now been posted!


I’m looking forward to see how these develop!


Really surprised to see the even spread on virtual reality, though perhaps because I don’t care whatsoever. Do any of you who actually voted that you were interested even own a virtual reality machine?


I do.

My DK2 arrived the day they announced the consumer model for Oculus.


I don’t really care much about the current vr headsets. I’m waiting for Valve to release theirs.

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