Poll 6/13/15: Boardwalk Attractions


This week’s community polls are about the new boardwalk and its attractions!

###Would you be interested in food related items and shops?

  • Yes, please!
  • Don’t see the point of it / Not worth your time.

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###Select two boardwalk attractions that you are most interested in.

  • Rollercoaster
  • Bumper cars
  • Bowling
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Photo Booth
  • Swinging Ship

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###What theme for the boardwalk would you most be interested in?

  • Modern
  • Circus
  • American Colonial
  • Mix of themes

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Boardwalk theme switching?

I voted for Bumper cars and Bowling. What`re Photo booth and Shooting Gallery?


Bumper cars, Bowling and Photo Booth! Since I can only choose two, the first ones are the best in my opinion.

And I don’t get the point in the food-related items. Would they be consumer goods or just decorative?


@serjunpe I agree with your point on the consumables, I don’t really get the point


Rollercoasters, Bowling, Bumper cars.

Main Priority - Rolelrcoasters & Bowling.

In how many games have you rode a rollercoaster? In not many.


Im surprised how low shooting gallery is


As a great man said:

“Cousin! Let’s do some bowling!”



I’m surprised so many people are leaning towards a mix in themes.
More isn’t always better, and I feel throwing too many themes into one area will make it clash and look awful.


Food stands could perhaps grant little perks or particle effects for a duration after eating them.
Cotton candy for example could give a slight speed boost and bubbly pink particles for an hour or so after consumption.


I voted for a rollercoaster. I mean, who does not want to ride a rollercoaster with an Oculas Rift (sry if I spelt that wrong) anytime they want to?


rollercoasters (in my opinion) are really boring. You just sit infront of your screen, watching a non-interactive ride…
voted for carts and gallery, as those two are the only ones that do sound interactive.


Bumper Cars, Bowling, and The Shooting Gallery all seem interactive to me.


I had this idea of a rollercoaster where you can shoot at stuff, similar to the Men in Black ride at Universal Studios Florida. I really love that theme park.

The ride would also double as an activity and would be great for high score competition.


Suddenly a video game roller coaster doesn’t sound so dull.
Reminds me of that one Super Mario Sunshine mission where you shoot Bowser balloons with rockets while riding a roller coaster.


That ride has way too much spinning, I feel like i’m on a kids teacup ride.


I feel like this would turn to be a better variant of that rollercoaster.


Would you earn a small amount of Units for getting a certain amount of points while playing bowling, and shooting range?


We got units for the events. Speaking of which, a little off topic, will the events becoming back? For example “Destroy Obama Cutouts”.


Everyone hated that… Ugh. Also, since this is going to be a real game, it wouldn’t be wise, probably, to insult a political question - or even a politic himself that controls a state - in the game.