Poll 6/13/15: Boardwalk Attractions


We seriously need to get Units for more than playing minigames. Talked about this on the gmtower forums.


The President is a pop culture figure in the US, its not a political statement. I seriously doubt everyone hated it too, I saw people running around playing it every single time.


When I say get a amount of Units, I mean a very small amount, like 20 - 100. I hope people dont think that I mean you can just play minigames to save up for, lets say, a playermodel. I just wanted to point that out so people would not take my idea in the other direction.


I could be wrong about this, but I thought that either the events are coming back or the devs are considering it.
Obama Cutouts, however will not be coming back, since they can’t have the president’s likeness in Tower Unite without his given consent.

Personally, I liked bashing cutouts, but I hated the location they put it in. If I just wanted to relax in a suite I would keep hearing WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH SMACK WHOOSH


Yeah we will have more events where you can earn some Units.

Also the boardwalk games will definitely let you earn Units as they are active activities instead of passive actives (like the ferris wheel).


Since there wont be a suite area anymore, just elevators, that won’t be a problem.


Wait, elevator in what you choose “floor” and it brings you to yours (or friends) suite?


destroy ganon cutouts


I’m pretty sure its a separate instance/server, check here: Reserving condos or ask @macdguy


I think a photobooth would be really interesting. You could even do a pose maker or allow people to import poses and then, we could use these poses in the photobooth, take pictures in wacky outfits with friends and we can buy different frames. Would be cool.


Thanks everyone for voting on the poll. We’ll announce our decisions with the latest polls on our stream today!

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