Poker is broken and actively stealing money

Randomly during the middle of poker games after you’ve already raised and called the game will soft lock and not let you check raise or fold. This is the 10th time this has happened to me and this was at the high roller table too so I got screwed even harder. It is not only ruining players experience playing the game it is legit taking money from players and robbing them of money. Lord knows how much money I’ve lost due to this glitch. I’m not sure if anyone else has reported this bug but I’m sick of it cause it’s ruining my experience playing the game along with many others. I’m hoping that with the casino update that this problem is fixed cause this is a major problem

clip of it locking up on me during a high roller game (ignore my humming in the background)


I’ve had this happen quite a few times too. It happens when someone leaves the server in the middle of the round.

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If that’s why its happening then thats some serious bullshit, it shouldnt be that easy to screw up some peoples game of poker and cause them to lose money like that. I was doing high rollers when it happened causing me to lose a shitton of money for no reason other than some asshole decided to leave the server during the game. Trolls can take advantage of this so easily man.