Please reduce the number of game specific questions (GW2)


There needs to be some sort of limit on game-specific questions; perhaps 5-6 as the max. This number could be increased as the trivia pool increases, but having so many questions about one game (and very specific questions that you can’t exactly figure out with knowledge of other games or similar franchises) seems rather unfair to people who don’t have any interest in the game. Exceptions are reasonable for games with iconic status (Tetris, the Mario franchise, basically anything you could show a logo of or the main character to a random guy on the street and they’d understand).

I’ve crunched the numbers and out of 807 total video game questions, 36 concern Guild Wars 2. This is ~4.46% of the total trivia pool concerning video games. Out of the hundreds of thousands of video games out there and even more potential questions about gaming history, developers, etc., this represents a very significant portion.
I understand that submitter “TissueHime” is very enthusiastic about Guild Wars 2, but a lot of these questions are things nobody would know unless they extensively played the game. Having specific or weird questions is okay if it’s not overdone. Having fifteen questions about endgame equipment models is excessive. Questions about the names of home instances for five different races in-game are not “Medium” questions, unless your topic is “Entertainment: Guild Wars 2”.
My understanding of trivia questions is that they should reward a large base of general knowledge, especially in that you can infer answers or make educated guesses based off knowing something similar to the question. A “Hard” question can call for game-specific knowledge- but these are only fun if they’re scarce. A good question should give the player the ability to guess the answer, even if it’s a bit of a stretch.
I don’t want to attack TissueHime over this as some of his questions are perfectly fine, but I also don’t want to see the trivia pool for video games filled with incredibly specific questions for individual games, regardless of if I play them.


Discussion about what makes a good/bad trivia question

It is a future plan of ours to go back through the questions and prune them up a bit, and to only accept more generalized questions going forward.



I went through and disabled all the Guild Wars 2 questions. I’ll be trying to verify more questions and get through the queue in my off time.



thanks mac disable all anime questions next :^)



Does that mean going forward and specific videogame questions will be disabled and only general knowledge ones will be added? It feels like there is a large number of questions that rely on specific knowledge about various things. Removing all the GW2 questions instead of a portion or adding more other videogame questions to balance it out suggests many more questions are going to be removed?

In that case I’m kinda with the above poster, I watch a good amount of anime but a lot of the anime questions fall way out of the general knowledge category. I think general knowledge questions for it would be things like “which studio was behind Spirited Away” or similar stuff which a non anime viewer has a chance of knowing.



Does not mean going forward we will remove specific game questions. I’m just disabling those until we add more questions to balance it out.



Thanks for the clarification, that definitely makes sense to me. The GW2 questions did seem to appear way more than anything else.



Just like increasing the limit for an increasing pool of questions, I suspect iconic franchises would get more questions naturally making an exception unnecessary. Would be a nice idea to confirm that with numbers though.

A bit extreme IMO. Last time I checked, there were a handful of good ones and dozens of wiki pastes (What’s the name of the legendary $weapontype? What’s the capital city for $playerrace?), wouldn’t have been too hard to handpick. :wink:



There’s a ton of Call of Duty: Zombies related questions as well, with as many if not more than the amount of Guild Wars 2 related questions (this image doesn’t even show all of them). I’m fine having a few of them which I can guess, but it’s kind of annoying when there’s a CoD: Zombies question every single trivia match and nobody can ever guess them because they haven’t played that game and most of the questions regard obscure story/gameplay elements.

Maybe there could be a little note on the add question page saying something like “Please try to avoid creating an excessive amount of questions relating to the same specific movie/game/person/etc.” so we don’t get this problem in the future.

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I think having gaming related questions is fine, but making them as intricate as to ask “where is this weapon located on the map within this game” "at what player level do you get ‘x’ quest isn’t a question you’d necessarily see on an actual game show, which is what Trivia almost emulates.

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