Plaza XP was reset to 0

This problem occured around 2 weeks ago in the middle of playing, I initially made a bug report on the games steam dicussion page for bug reports and got no replies.

I was playing and soon after joining my friend through my friendslist, I noticed that my XP had being reset. I remember earlier in my play session I had my normal amount of xp which was close to 4 million plaza xp.

If this can be fixed when someone has time to look into it, I’d appreciate it.

Were you by any chance using a macro?

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Fortunately I’m smart enough to know when asking for help is appropiate or not lol, of course I wasn’t.

Unless a global computer macro which manages computer volume and keeps an eye on my computer usage by giving reminders can trigger detection, which I really doubt caused it.

I also have some reproduction steps of what I was doing at the time if needed. Which likely didnt cause it, considering how bland they are.

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