Plaza: Crashes on Connect

Hi, I’m a new member to this game and it’s community (Like less than a day), so I don’t know if this issue that I bring is common and/or easily fixable, but when I connect to a plaza server (I’ve only tried the New York servers, as I live in New England), it takes a very long time to load, and when it does, it crashes. I’ve only just finished downloading the game today, so the only thing I can think might be related to the issue is this error I get when launching the game:
I’ll admit, despite having used computers and other consoles/devices for a good deal of my life, I would barely consider myself a tech savvy type. I barely even know much about my computer other than it being a Toshiba windows 8 laptop, if that info helps. I never customized or replaced any components in it, either.

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Try updating to the latest AMD driver version.

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The first step to become one is to learn reading text messages like this. You’re really lucky here, this is plain and simple English, I don’t even see anything that would have to be translated from Nerd to User.

The second step is to use a Search Engine in case things like “graphics drivers” don’t ring a bell.

Since I can’t find a definitely without a doubt correct direct download link with the info provided right now, all I can do is direct you to the official driver download page: