PlayStation 4/XBOX One?

Since you guys are using Unreal Engine, there is a possibility to get this to work on PlayStation 4 & XBOX One.

Around 1-2 years ago, a big similar ‘social game’ called PlayStation Home was closed. This was ran by Sony, and was considered as a Success by many of it’s players.

Currently there are two PlayStation Home developers competing about their place, to replace PlayStation Home. None of those two, even looks like PlayStation Home and is not neutral enough. One is aiming at the ‘universe’ and another one is aiming at gothic scheme.

I think if you guys released this game also on next-gen consoles, and let the players play together cross-consoles this would hit into a large success.

This has been suggested multiple times on this forum. The developers are focued at the current moment at creating the game for a Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux release. They have also stated, that later on down the line, they may look into making console version of Tower Unite. However, this isn’t their current focus.

Also, Tower Unite is not being designed to be a Playstation Home alternative nor replacement. The developers have never considered Playstation Home at any point in development during GMod Tower, and won’t during development of Tower Unite.


By the looks of it, interactions etc - it looks identical just a upgraded version. Even the ‘wardrobe’, cinema, bowling alleys and so on.

I guess since it’s suggested so many times, there should be a chance. If they just could give some kind of official word one day, and confirm they will work on it in the future then they will have even more backers.

From a moderator who is in frequent contact with MacDGuy:

That’s not enough :stuck_out_tongue: i seen it already.

“We confirm that we will work on this, in the future” is enough. I won’t support this project, till I got confirmed it’s coming to PS4 whenever.

Plaza, Cinema, Bowling, Ferris Wheel, Wardrobe, Apartments…

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Nice to see a other homester :grin:
Nebula isn’t about goth. I suggested do your research again on Nebula. You can’t mention second life or ps home they will go insane :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Well then you’re probably not going to support it, as the Indiegogo will be over before anything will happen.

They have donations… You are missing my point, support doesn’t mean by donating money

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Looks Gothic. The menus etc, wardrobe… Old school look, not neutral enough.

Dude you only saw the trailer. They update game info on nebula. The games is toward more about customization avatar and socialze and games.

Trailer was obviously enough for me to step off from that one as well :stuck_out_tongue: after seeing towerunite, i realize how boring pshome was and how much this would boost it up

Did…did people really ask this?

yes there were people who ask this.
smartphones games are boring :relaxed:

Hook your ps4 on your pc when tower unite get released.

Can’t tell if you are serious or what dude…

PC Master Race.

In all seriousness, you have your answer: Tower Unite is not coming to PS4 any time in the future, maybe even never, since self-publishing on Steam works differently than on the PSN or Xbox Live. Updates work differently, too. If you don’t believe me, play CS:GO on PC then on PS3. Steam Workshop also is not a possibility with PS4, because of the way that works. The closest console games have really come to pure UGC is Halo 3/Reach custom games and LittleBigPlanet 2.

MMOs can’t be socially-focused without ripping off PSHome? This project actually predates PSHome by two months (Gmod Tower began development in October of 2008, PS Home released in December). Either way, this project is not connected to PS Home or Sony in any way.

If I were you, I’d at least pick up Gmod and hop on Gmod Tower to get a taste of what to expect in Tower Unite. It’ll run on most hardware and will likely be supported by controllers, if not without third-party software.

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Yes, i just saw that it’s self hosted…?

Kind of.

Players have the ability to host their own servers instead of playing on official ones. These servers can be just like the official servers or can have different modifications, such as maps or gameplay changes, at the cost of not syncing to your official profile, so all the Credits you earn will only be on that server.

oh great another delusion person. you’ll should consider replacing “PC Master Race” with something more creative, and I’m so sure we can be more creative than to make a Hitler analogy on the internet, a sea of Hitler analogies.
Look up master race of the meaning of word Master race - Wikipedia

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PC Master Race is a parody of that, not to be taken seriously. At the same time, though, it does hold some truth.
Despite costing more to maintain, PC’s will always be on top of gaming. You shouldn’t take it so seriously.