Players' ages

Everytime I enter Gmtower, there is always 1 or 2 kid players I run by (respectively). But sometimes, I see kids that can get a little out of hand, such as cussing uncontrollably in chat. Just curious, is there yet an answer or suggestion of what the age range is for Tower Unite?

We’re gonna be aiming for an ESRB rating of Teen. We’ll have parental controls, but you’ll end up hearing kids in Tower Unite.

We’ll have tools to mute players that bother you, of course.

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What multiplayer could go without Voice support?

(ignoring Nintendo games)

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Lel, this is the Australian rating system ._.

For Australia it would be PG.

@macdguy I’ll throw in the PEGI rating system for Europe aswell

And USK, used in Germany: (ignore the nintendo power sign at the bottom, I just quickly slapped the first image I could find on here)

Teen is something like 12+ in PEGI and USK. Sometimes, it’s even “translated” to 16+

This is what we’ll be aiming for:


Those look like NFPA labels to me.


:laughing: True

Teen is very often translated to 16+ in USK, which is quite offset IMO. 16+ is considered M-rated in most other age rating system.

I’ll take Nintendo games over COD on Xbox Live any day.

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16+ USK? Better hope USK will not make it 18+ because of zombie and pvp game :smiley: thats how it works in Germany :smiley:

I know right? USK is just stone age, they rate a game 18+ and censor it anyway. Just why…

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