Player model won't stay to what I set it to

So every time I change my player model, whether it’s a simple change to one of the presets or a Steam Workshop skin, as soon as I join a server, it resets to the basic feminine model, keeping only my colors.
This also happens at the main meny, where as soon as I click to a different menu from Appearance, then click back to it, everything is reset.
I’m getting a little tired of having to change my player model every time I change lobbies or servers, and I can’t even use them in games.

I haven’t been able to find anyone else with this issue. What’s going on?

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When you join the lobby/condo, press K to respawn and you should have your workshop model back.

Well the problem isn’t that it isn’t loading at all, the problem is the game doesn’t save the fact that I changed my appearance between servers. I can change my appearance while I’m in the server just fine; it’s when I change servers/lobbies/games/menus that it resets my model. If I hit K when I spawn in it just resets me with the same feminine model. It’s like the game isn’t saving the fact that I changed models, even on main menu.

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Hi, I have been having this issue since at least december, maybe even farther back.

same issue, really need help

i switched to the skeleton dude then put on a skin and the glitch stopped, try that