Player model "height" & running speed

People who opt to adjust a characters height in the workshop editor will find that the shorter you set it in the meta data editor, the slower the corresponding walk speed. Small characters by default move slowly!

Not only is this a hindrance from perspective of the user, but only encourages people to leave their traditionally small characters at max height. Small characters tend to have larger proportioned heads, so when this happens, it’s all the more jarring when they’re walking around with massive globes on their shoulders. These style character are already some of the most popular on the workshop (pokemon, animal crossing, etc)

So can we please just have all characters retain the same walk speed?

Also while we’re at it, can we get a better sense of scale when adjusting these options in the workshop editor? Maybe a scene of the default human player models and props next your model when adjusting height?

I will be removing the slow down.

In the editor there is a scale ruler that you can toggle on to see how tall it’ll be compared to the normal height.

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Nice, there was an issue with the Gmod Tower rabbit player models where they had to be small but if they were small it made them slow, glad this is gonna be fixed

Yeah it’s my fault. I reused the potion code and that slows you down.




Depending on your model’s size, physics effect you differently too (ie. Launch Pads send you way further, faster). Is that intentional?

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I’d expect that that’s also linked with the potions, since they change things like weight with your size.

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