Player Marketplace

I think it would be awsome to have an online player drivin marketplace in the game for players to trade things for units or another kind of currency to have more player control of the game

unfortunately, that will end up allowing unit transferals, which TU has a strong policy against so (like mictotransactions, PTW, premium membership with any ingame perks).

wish that would be a feature player-to-player, but developers still saying no to this.

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Does anyone know if this is for legal or moral reasons?

if it would ever allow, its system would be very similar to what CSGO does.
i know never may this happen.

Not really, as you can earn actual money from CS, for TU it would only be in-game currency. Personally I think trading could really open the door for TU, one day I hope to see a system where players can open up their own shops in community condos and sell certain items, but with the restrictions at the moment I don’t see that happening.

exactly, if that day ever came, allowing real-money trading through steam market, and everyone got used to so, they would no longer need to rely on platforms like Kofi or Patreon by charging a little amount of fee on that.

of course, those stuff are gained from gameplay instead of direct purchase.

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This topic is discussed here.
The developer says neither yes nor no.