Planet Panic Feedback Thread

Hey guys! In the latest weekly we released a very early prototype of Planet Panic.

We’d love to hear feedback from you! Please post all constructive feedback about the Game World here.



I’m not sure if anybody else is having this problem. But when ever you drop a ball into your hole. My game freezes for about half a second. Its pretty annoying in a fast paced game like this. But other than that the game is great.

I think the map should be larger based on how fast the vehicles move.

Have you considered mixing things up with randomized map events? I feel they could really add to the crazyness of the gamemode.

You could have a round which has low-gravity or one where everyone moves superfast.

Wait, a prototype was released?.. Could someone provide some screen shots, or explain what it’s about?

Just played a bit with @meharryp and @PoliteWhale. Was super fun!.

Video will be uploaded later tonight

For now, enjoy screenshots:


Still haven’t been able to play it properly, but here’s some very early impressions of the game so far:

  • There probably should be some sort of force-field around the player when it spawns. If there are several enemies around the player base when the player spawns, it will probably be an instant-kill.
  • Together with the previous suggestion, making the player’s spawn slightly more far away from the delivery point would also be great. If you kill a player near their spawn, you barely have time to react, pick up kiddies points and go away before the player re-spawns.
  • Having an alert icon when an enemy is in your base would also be neat, specially if all the team is away from it. Something like a flashing red light around your team score-box whenever your team starts losing points.
  • This is probably in the works, but having the team colors on the kill feed would be a nice addition specially since chat colors were added in the last weeklies.
  • Announcer voices would also be neat. Something on the sorts of “One Minute Left”, “Final Fifteen Seconds” to remind the player they got to be quick!

These are just some first impressions, I would also recommend scheduling actual play-test sessions so an a full-hands on could be done with the maximum amount of players. I will be posting more as the game is tested.

(also i got fully destroyed by @meharryp and @zeeno) :frowning:


I think having voices sort of distracts from the alien/animal theme. Maybe some SFX like an alarm or something.

I’d like to see different types of pods (cosmetic) you can fly around in, also a small arsenal of different type of weaponry, like a slow fire rate rifle that does more damage then the standard automatic weapon, or a shotgun that shoots in a cone effect with moderate fire rate between shots instead of a single line of fire would be interesting.

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My Ideas for planet panic!

  • Instead of right click to drop maybe it does it automatically.
  • In the future select able floating car things might be cool.
  • Maybe the ‘resources’ can be considered treats?
  • Maybe a little speed booster ramp would be cool here’s a diagram i made in Adobe Illustrator.

  • A mini map?
  • Power ups?
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actually this would be fuckin rad

Change the tiny captured animals into dog bones and fishies. :smile:

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Maybe we could just spawn players in the air and have them drop to the floor, kinda like SSB does it. All the action is on the floor so a safe place to start them out is in the air, where they have at least some areal control to dodge enemies or something.

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thats literally a 14 minute video of you playing the game theres no feedback at all just gameplay

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Pretty much. But its kind of showing if we had any issues. As we post stuff in chat as well


I would LOVE to play it, but I get 10 fps in the game. I don’t know why.


  • If joined too late the hud is invisible and the spaceship is empty, meaning it basically drives and shoots by itself


  • As I played the game I felt the need for more space shooter related stuff. Maybe make a different map with space as the skybox.
  • I think the lasers (Or whatever the thing you shoot are called) should have more color. Maybe have the trail represent the color of the team for example:
    Cats team=Blue trail
    Dogs team=Orange trail
  • When you fly your spaceship it should leave a trail behind you.
    If I find/think of more stuff I’ll update this post

This is kinda a dumb idea but since the gamemode is cute, you could add little animals roaming the map. I dunno what they could do it’s just the first thing I thought of when I played this. Like on the current map, you could add little chickens or cows, and you could do an ice map and add penguins. Or, you do a moon map and add pigs floating around with space helmets.

This is totally unnecessary and obviously scenery isn’t the main focus I’m guessing but Y’KNOW.

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