Placing fish in pools

Hi guys!

I’d really love to be able to place my fish in the outdoor pools in the default condo that you get when you join the game (I’ve been playing since about early access release, but have no self control and have never upgraded T.T, what a pleb). I’ve noticed that they simply just flop around when I do place them there… I think that being able to place fish in pools would be a really cool interactive feature.

To follow up with this, it would also be really cool to be able to fish on the shores of my condo!

Thanks for your time!

Jarl Hamm

Yeah. This is really odd this wasn’t in the first release of Fishing; it seems like the first thing people would do is catch a fish, then immediately place it in any water source. Fish can swim!
And, Fishing in Condos is planned.
Also, don’t be ashamed for using the default condo. It’s the best condo! IMO


Please keep in mind, that in real life, pools almost always have additives. These additives, such as chlorine, would kill the fish.

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But this is a video game.


That’s even worse! Do you know what video chlorine does to video fish? Truly horrific stuff.


Although you bring up a valid point here, I’m also very sure that melons don’t follow people around in real life. I’m not so sure about macaroni, though, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that raining from people’s heads at least a few times.