Piano player


You have to merge the branches though.


My plan is to move the current master branch onto a legacy branch and then move experimental to master :slight_smile:


Really nice improvement going from v1 to v2, Keep up the good work :smiley:


Well, this is embarrassing… I just updated the experimental version with a small quick hotfix as I just now noticed that the speed changing notes were set up wrong in the constructor and therefore wouldn’t actually change the speed.
Also I removed the delay time limit of 25ms because why would I even limit it in the first place… I kept the upper limit at 100000 though. Do tell me if you need it to be higher >.>


could i have a 1 googleplex cap please? it’s a bit too low atm


Just want to share this from this topic.

Mainly the part about VAC in condos. So please use piano players with caution!
My piano player should not result in a ban, but be aware that with the casino update there will be a larger focus on macro and automation software usage which could potentially lead to bans while using piano players. So I suggest you check updates for macro update notes before using any piano player.



Have you checked out Reimu’s piano player @Matias? Her’s seem to work with uppercase letters and special characters like “(”.

(Not sure if it ignores the characters or actually plays it, since I can’t find what an open parenthesis mean. But it definitely plays uppercase.)

It would be amazing if you guys collaborate, considering that your version provides great features (such as play/pause, paste notes straight into a text field etc…) ,and her’s with the ability to play uppercase/special characters.

Anyway, keep up the great work! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you give me a link to Reimu’s thread and I will have a look. I can only find mentions of Reimu, but I can’t seem to find any threads by her. I would love to collaborate to fix that damn bug and maybe we could give each other some ideas :slight_smile:


Development update:

I have just finished the very first iteration of the custom note feature. It is currently available on girhub on the master branch, however it is unreleased as of this writing. It is currently untested.

You might ask yourself, “Why would I need to use custom notes?”. What a perfect question that I do not have an answer for right now. But I’m sure some creative people will come up with a use for it at some point if they play around with it :wink:

I am still investigating the black keys on and off, but no luck in fixing it so far.

I also want to explain the lack of activity for the last few months. I have been on a vacation with my family without my computer for a while and then university started again, being quite intensive these first few weeks (last intense week will be next week, woo \o/). So that’s why nothing has happened for a few months.

And lastly, as I mentioned a few replies ago, please keep an eye out for macro updates regarding TU so you won’t get banned for using instrument players!

That is all.
Play safe,


@Matias The link was was previously mentioned, but here. Download tupianer.exe


@xKen So there is no actual thread by herself?
Unfortunately, downloading her program doesn’t help me at all, I need the source code, which I assume only Reimu has? Unless the program is open source as well?


I have just as much access to the forum as you do…do a quick search? no?
All I know is that she made a GMT thread a while back.

You can always try and message her on steam.


I told you I did do a search and that I only found mentions of her. Not actual threads by her. But I assumed that you had seen a thread by her because of the way you mentioned it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I will take a look at the GMT thread and try to get in contact with her :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while… But the whole automation software debate and such demoted me to continue working on the autoplayer. However, I did continue to look for a solution to “the black key problem” for a while, though I was unable, still, to solve the problem.

However, I’ve been thinking about some quality of life changes for the software that, if there is an interest from users of the software, I would like to try to implement. I have two features that I am going to suggest here and then another feature that I am not yet ready to discuss here :stuck_out_tongue:

Feature #1:
Ability to use x# as a prefix for continous duplicate notes rather than having to write every continous duplicate note.
Here is an image as an example:

Feature #2:
Ability to make note groups, which I have choosen to call “music pieces” or just “pieces”, which would essentially be a way to write a set of notes once, and then use it as many times in the future as you want.
Here is an image as an example of this feature:

So yea, these are some ideas that I’ve been thinking about, so I would very much like to hear from you guys if anyone is still interested in using this autoplayer and would like to see these changes, or if autoplayers are no longer used in general and I therefore would waste my time :wink:

Regarding the black key problem, I saw a reply on another thread for another autoplayer from the developer of said autoplayer that they think the events for keys like shift is blocked by the developers within the coding in order to prevent autoplayers from working properly. This is only speculation though! It would be nice to get an official statement on this as it’s taken quite a bit of people a very long time to come up with a solution that, at this time, seems impossible to find sadly.

Lastly, I have not yet recieved any messages about my software resulting in a VAC ban. I don’t know if that’s because everyone stopped using it, or because it is not considered cheating. But I still would like to point out that condos, at the time of writing this, are VAC secured and there might be a chance that automation software (in general) may result in a ban. So be careful of your use of the software and where you use it!

Well, that’s all from me for now!


Is there going to be an update which shows sheet music?


What do you mean by “shows sheet music”?


can you make auto piano for roblox?


I don’t play roblox, so I am not familiar with how they do stuff. But if you can sit at a piano like in Tower Unite, it should already work actually. You just need to check if they use the same letters for the same notes :slight_smile:


yes roblox is using gmod notes


Then you should be able to use this program as you would in Tower Unite or gmod :wink: