Piano Lessons Sharing Thread


Is there anyone here who could please make a sheet for the beginning of Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy?


Hello !

Someone has already done that sheet in the past. Don’t know who tho, but I’ll share it anyway and will edit this post if I found out who it was.

Clair de Lune - Debussy

[iO]-[gH] – [Sg] – [Ip] [sD] [Sg] [sD] –
[iO] [PS] [sD] [PS]-g-S [YI] [Os] [PS] [Os] –
[TYI] P s P D P [tYIO] P O [ETY] I O I-
[Yeti]-[WET] i I i P i [QY] i Y [qWE] T Y T-[(QWt] %-
! [qW] [iO] [gH]-[Sg]-
[$] [QETIPD] g D – [4] [qWTOS] [YD] [iTOSH]-[WTSig]-
] [*QETIPD] g D-S – % [qrTOS] [YD] [rigPJ]-[OH] – [ig]-
^ [qiEYPD] g D-[TS] – P –

[IPGJtsl] [IPGJtsl] [IPGJtsl]-[TIPSJL]-[ETIPGJ] –

% [QIG] [tWYODH] [tsl] [EYIPGJ] [QIG]:
6 [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsWYODH] [tsQIDG]-

iOPS[glZ]H[JL] [Lc] i [JL] YI[OHl]s[DJL]G[Hl]-Y-
TY[IGJ]P[SHl]D[GJ] Z {[tJ]YiO[sgH]} J H:
WE[TSg]i[ODG]P[Sg] J g{QET[YSD]} g D:
qW[EPS]T[isD]O[PS]-[(QOts] %-

! [qW] [iO] [rgH]-[Sg]-[$*] [*QETIPD] g D –
% [qWTOS] [YD] [rigTOH]-[TSig]-^ [qiEYPD] g D-[TS]-
4 [WT] Y [iTP]-[WTi]-@ [ETI] O [(IPS]-[TYIP]-
% [tIP](s [sgOH]-[tWIO]-

[!c]%*qWTi O S g H L {TOSgHJcV}


Would anyone be able to make a sheet for the instrumental of Your Reality from Doki Doki Literature Club’s credits?


Sorry to necro this thread, but I was curious if some of these songs are meant to be playable within TU? I’m seeing a lot of them where you have to play a capital and lower-case note at the same time, or use keys like | which as far as I could tell don’t work on the TU pianos.

If there’s a different thread with songs to be played within TU, then whoops. This was the only one I could find that actually had a bunch of sheets in it :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be remembering this wrong, but for the times when you need both capital and lowercase you have to play all the capitals first and then lower fast enough that they sound like you played them at the same time. The straight lines on the other hand might just be pauses?


Ah alright, thanks. I figured that could be it but it didn’t seem right. Guess it just takes practice to be able to play it that quickly then :stuck_out_tongue:


How do I play two keys together when ones a capital one and ones not?


Scroll up like 2 posts, Sinera answered me when I asked the exact same question. Piano is hard :stuck_out_tongue: