Piano Lessons Sharing Thread

Welcome to the new Tower Unite Piano Lesson Sharing Thread!
Hopelessly taken from PixelTail Games - Creators of Tower Unite!

Want to use a MIDI keyboard?

Just install GlovePie and use this script by Niveks: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64788348/GMTPiano.PIE

Table Of Contents

- What is the "Piano Lesson Sharing Thread? - What is a "Lesson"? - Reading a "Lesson" - Post and sharing a lesson - Using Lessons - Lessons Requests - Useful Links

1. What is the “Piano Lesson Sharing Thread” ?
The “Piano Lesson Sharing Thread” is a place to share and learn how to play certain songs on the new ‘Playable Piano’.

2. What is a “Lesson”?
A “Lesson” is a set of keys arranged properly. That when you press these letters while using the ‘Playable Piano’, you’ll play the song like that!

3. Reading the Lesson’s Keys

A S D 

This means you will press A, S, D normally


This means you will press A and S at the same time.


This means you will press A, then S fast. {} means you’ll press A, then S really fast but not at the same time.

A   S   A

This means you will press A, S, A with pauses

A  S   (2x) D F

This means you will press A, S 2 times, then pressing D F only once.

-Intro         A S A
-Verse 1     S A S

This means you will press A S A, Then S A S.

4. Post and sharing a lesson
If you have a “Lesson” that you created and want to show the community how to play that song in GMod Tower, you can post here by using this template:

**Song Name:**
**Song Artist:**
**Lesson by:**

If the post of your lesson works, then It’ll be added to the Lesson list for all to enjoy!

5. Using a another person’s Lesson
Basics, Give credit to lesson author, no stealing lessons.

Person A: Wow! You know how to play that song!
Person B: Thanks, I learned it from Plasma

6. Lesson Requests
Want to play that certain song but currently there is no lesson for it and you are bad at making lessons? Ask the community to make the lesson for you! You can put rewards to whoever makes the lesson for you. (Optional)

7. Useful Stuff


This is an example post. If we keep all these posts to a style like this, it would make our lives much easier in the future when we implement these live into Tower Unite.

Song Name: Legend of Zelda - Epona’s Song
Song Artist: Nintendo
Lesson by: Alfie

L J H (x3) J H T TT H O L L LL O J H

Will pianos have a self playing mode? As in, you just paste in the song letters, and it plays it automatically? (For those of us who aren’t very good.)

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Song Name: Smart Ball - Moon Theme
Song Artist: Game Freak (?)
Lesson by: Cold Finger

e T u T e T 
[Su] T d [ef] 
T u T e T 
[Su] T G [ef] 
T u T [ep] T 
[ud] S [Ta] S 
[ed] y I [yd] [Wf] r [ua] r [ed] T S [Su] T W r 
[ia] r S [Qa] e [Tp] e q e 
[Ta] p [Oe] p [S0] [Ie] [Tp] [Se] [(G] e 
[TI] e O [9p] Q e [Qp] [0a] W [Or] W p [ep] T u T e T u T
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Song Name: Myth - Siege of Madrigal
Song Artist: Martin O’Donnell
Lesson by: Cold Finger

[eu]  u  u  [pq]  u  [ow]  
e  r  t  y  [eu]  u  e  u  [pq]  u  [ow]  o  
w  e  r  t  [59y]  w  y  w  [38t]  w  0  [48e]  q  
w  e  r  t  [59y]  w  y  w  [8uw]  t  w  [48e]  

[eu]  u  u  [pq]  u  [ow]  
e  r  t  y  [eu]  u  e  u  [pq]  u  [ow]  o  
w  e  r  t  [59y]  w  y  w  [38t]  w  0  [48e]  q  
w  e  r  t  [59y]  w  y  w  [8uw]  u  w  [48e]

Are modes really necessary anymore? I don’t think anyone typically uses the Basic mode.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna remove basic mode.

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I don’t think that would work, since songs have different tempos and pauses. It would sound really off, even though it’s playing the correct notes.

I think what would be better is having a way to record your play session and be able to play it back at anytime. That way the rhythm stays.

As for a fully automated piano… no plans just yet.


I might as well post a template for ease of posting.

Song Name:
Song Artist:
Lesson by:

When posting the keys, just type or paste the entire song, then select the song you just typed or pasted and then press Ctrl+k to give it the proper format.

like this

Song Name: Hishoku No Sora (Shakugan no Shana I)
Song Artist: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Lesson by: Kite

[4et]8[qe]4[4tio][48][qe][5yos] [9wryos][9wryoa]

[af][sg][ah] [4psh][8sh][qetsj][4sh]4[48][qet][5yo]:


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So, you didn’t write this?
If you didn’t, then don’t list yourself as the person who made the lesson.
Lesson by: Meefawn
Like that.

No I was just posting it because it’s a good song & I don’t believe Meefawn has an account on this website so I had to post it. To make you feel better though I just gave him the credit.

I just want to be sure credit is given correctly. It doesn’t really matter if Meefawn isn’t a part of the forum community anymore.

Well I apologize for my mistake then, the problem is fixed now, thanks :kissing_smiling_eyes: :relieved:

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Oh, one more thing. I checked google, and apparently the composer of the song itself is Tomoyuki Nakazawa. So if you wanna put that as the Song Artist, I’d appreciate that :smile:

Haha ight, is the song name correct tho?

I think so. I’m just going off the wiki page, since I don’t know anything about anime.

Soooo that’s what it means in English xD “Scarlet Sky

Hishoku no Sora (緋色の空?, lit. “Scarlet Sky”), although I could have just used a google translator :blush: