Physics-al Media Canvas Repository

This is where i’ll be posting every single physics-al media sleeve i’ve made along with every link to their connected work! Feel free to make suggestions for what else I should cobble together also, my library is vast and it must be filled.

(high effort content only)


TeamFourstar’s Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Series


Felix Colgrave’s Stuff
Elephant’s Garden

Double King

Throat Notes


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Gooseworx’s Stuff
Little Runmo

Elain The Bounty Hunter

Ghost of the Year

Darly Boxman Show

Elain Gets Adopted

BONUS Little Runmo Wheel of Fundus!

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Potato Salad

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Time for Sushi

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Robo Greaser


So you made these for people who just suggested them for you to make? These go on the D.I.Y Media covers yeah?

i made them for me, but i’m down to add to the collection!

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also they go on the throwable physics object called physics-al media that lets you throw them at the tv and put them on the playlist.

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Wait, you made these sleeves and movies?!! That is amazing, I will have to watch them all. Thank you for posting this!

i only made the sleeves for the movies, lol

and in some cases i just took existing covers and squashed it into the format, like the holy grail. but it’s still work and i still want people to not have to do it themselves!

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Seems really cool! I’ll request something soon : )

If I were to request something, do you want me to put the request in here?

yeah, i think here would work nice

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Are you fine if the video is short or does it need to be like a 3 part series to be made into a throwable media box?

as long as it’s long enough to survive buffering, i’m mostly down to turn it into a box. That’s why i have Time for Sushi but not the previous two.

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ooh ahahah, sorry I a little slow lol :joy:
I appreciate you still doing this and sharing it with us.
I am a dunce when it comes to getting pictures for canvases,
so you have saved me time and pain!


Got it, I know for a fact I’ll be back with a request!

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