Party Plaza


Party Building Update:

Many more lights are fake lights now. You will get more FPS in some rooms. Many textures are birghter now. Except the disco room. In the disco room are all textures darker now, so nobody will become eye cancer again :wink:

New bowling game in the game room: (Bowling pins are cans at the moment)

The bowling ball will automatically return through a trampoline. Take a look behind the scene:

Unfinished Stuff

Start to improve the disco:

New DJ area and new laser system: (Laser have more sequences now and change all 15 seconds)

Adding some tables, seats and start to build a bar:

Start to build a karaoke room:

So and this will the next big thing :wink:



Look at this. I will build my own version for my game room. I need more games like this!



The new workshop update kills me :scream:

So much is possible now and so much new stuff is coming into the game :star_struck:
I will rebuild many things especially the walls. The new wall is one big wall and not many little blocks.
I think it will reduce loading times a lot. If it so i will change every floor, wall and roof with the new one.




YES your arcade is gonna look so hecking dooling cool my gamer!!!

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NOICE! i really like what you have done. Also i have some candy and snack models that might be good at consessions

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Looks heaps cool man, I want to play it.

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Rad stuff

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Alright, Iā€™m going to visit this for sure! This is awesome. So much dedication and creativity!



Thanks for sharing



That is amazing. I wish I was as good as you, man!