Party Plaza


Welcome to my party plaza :slight_smile: Over 9000 props and over 11.000.000 units cost me this condo and it’s still not finished yet. But here is the progress so far:


okay so like, i’ve seen some preeeetty neat condos in my time here.

but this one takes the cake, very nicely done my good sir!


Another condo I wish I could visit IRL!

Can’t wait until we get functional chess boards. I’m totally taking your idea from this and making my own chess room. :yum:


nice, would definitly visit


When someone is insanely more creative than me


w h a t


Yes, functional chess boards please :open_mouth:


Yes :smile: Next i will finish the funhouse, then the adventure world and horror land. I have few more ideas for this worlds.


Thanks everyone :smiley:


I’ve been meaning to ask, that one clock is functional right? How did you manage to do that?

Also how the fuck did you do everything else


This is great
Also how long did it take to get all (or probbably make from scratch) the images for those canvasses, the dedication man


Lovely stuff man. I love projects like this & we definitely need more condos like this in the community. Pure creativity.

Thank you for the inspiration :slight_smile:


Yes this digital clock on the second picture is functional, you see your own pc time. Here is a video: And a forum post: Laser Projector Digital Clock


Very, very long. Most images are edited with 406 images uploaded for this condo. Alone the soccer field needs 66 images. It’s one image split in 66 parts




Fun House Update: Punching bags move through fans now. New sci-fi room and labyrinth room added. Starting to build the lego room. 2 more rooms are planned: A mystery laser room with invisible paths and a trampoline way room.


I still haven’t visited and i badly want to now


Dude, ikr? Fuck, this looks so awesome.


You can add me on steam. Then it’s easier to find this condo :wink:


Party Building Update:

Added a map from the party building at the entrance:

Better grid textures and new lights on the basketball machines:

Fun House Update:

New queue:

Lego room finished:

Mysterious laser room with invisible paths finished:

Starting to build the trampoline way room. This is the last room, then is the fun house 100% finished: