Party Plaza


That is insane my dude! I have to join sometime


Fun House Update:

Trampoline way room finished >>> fun house 100% finished now :smiley:


I have no words, this is one of the most amazing creations in a video game I have ever seen.


This is still probably my favourite condo and it only gets better every time you post an update :smiley:

Out of curiosity, what will you be working on next?


I will make a little break and farm some money. I think i will build the adventure world as next but not for sure.

Currently planed for adventure world:


  • giant climbing wall
  • rafting tour
  • bumper boats (like bumper cars)
  • a pyramid with puzzles
  • fireworks show
  • a minigame with snowballs


  • jungle
  • desert with a pyramid
  • snowy christmassworld

Currently planed for horror land:


  • labyrinth
  • bouncy castle
  • haunted house


  • horror forest (damn i need much fog machines for this xD)
  • a big bridge from the forest to the haunted house (the house is on a mountain)


Sounds awesome, can’t wait to see it!


Are you not lagging?


I use only low res textures and many lights in my condo have 0.0 brightness and 0.0 radius. (see the second picture with the red clock and the many lights on the ceiling) So i have increased my fps from 10 to 30 in this big room. Another rooms have always 50 fps. In night you will become more fps and i don’t know why but when 3 players joining its always ok but 4 players and more drops my fps -20. When i notice my fps goes down because of too many props then i will be thrifty but i want the 2 worlds (adventure and horror) in my condo.


This is some next level stuff, I’m absolutely amazed.


It would be really funny if the labyrinth is a actually an ikea



Ah yes the endless ikea, nice reply man


Wow, that was cool. Love The SCP Foundation but haven’t read many of the later stories yet.


If you do read more, BE REALLY careful of scips (scp files) you read, why? Because some of them are confusing if you dont know the lore, ESPECIALLY SCP 001, DO NOT UNTIL YOU GET THE LORE, also THERE IS NO CANON

P.s if you wanna talk more about scps not here, i dont like going way too off topic


I mean to be fair, albeit it was a pretty bit of helpful advice for anyone unaware of the scp ‘universe’ (so to speak), I don’t really believe it was necessary…?

I dunno, I just woke up so whatever.


Its necessary if you want to read scp 001,if you wanna start with the heritage collection, then read the top rated ones up to bottom, then read it randomly BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT READ 001 FIRST, ITS NOT MEANT TO BE READ FIRST, also click links and tabs and beware white text, also someone start a scp post, im starting to feel like im hijacking this post


I tell people this is my favorite condo because it’s fun and has so much potential to be big!


This condo looks awesome, looking forward to see the finished condo


Big Thanks :blush:


Thanks! I think this condo will never finished :rofl: