Party Mode in condo

When a user starts a party in their condo it should activate Party mode in which booze which is previously unseen to anyone in the condo shows up and other stuff happens

Party levels

Please feel free to comment below if you feel you have some more ideas and constructive criticism

100 Units (any amount of time)

  • Basic features, announcement of party, colored lights appear in condo

300 Units - Pool pack (20 minutes)

  • RGB cycling pool lights + previous
  • Mini waterslide into your pool

500 Units - Rave Pack (10 Minutes)

  • Floor is reactive to feet (similar to pulse nightclub)
  • Laser light show + previous

600 Units (30 minutes or less)

  • Fireworks in skybox (using effects not normally available in markets) + previous

900 Units (15 Minutes)

  • Gravity disabled/lower in condo + previous

5,000 Units (10 Minutes)

  • Bartender appears outside your house

  • Drinks from bartender are 5% off

  • Magician comes

  • Can select special temporary potion attributes from him for free (lasts duration of party)
    (big head, tiny head, big hands, etc.)

10,000 Units

  • Rent out Pulse Nightclub for 30 minutes, THIS IS A PUBLIC PARTY ANYONE CAN COME! hosted by you
    Drinks are 10% off
    You DJ or open it to floor

ALL effects and vendors are for duration of party and do not last any longer

EDIT: Upon request of some people raised cost of renting the nightclub to 15,000 units for 30 minutes. longer times will cost more money.

EDIT 2:Gift bags could be an optional thing to hand out, they could be free at a store and then you can fill them with stuff (booze, catsacks, hula girls, the 18,000 backpacks you got from the spin to win desperately trying to the starfox statue even though the odds weren’t even close to being in your favor, money)

EDIT3: Various changes throughout levels


nope :confused:


Eh, that doesn’t seem like a good idea. What if someone happens to be standing the same spot where booze shows up? They end up stuck.
Just keep a closet full of beer.

I kinda like the idea of having a better party with more units you spend, but I don’t really like most of the ideas you put up. A lot of them are just things you can buy for your condo and do normally without spending any extra.
I like the floor transformation.
I really do not like the idea of renting out a public area.


No collide is a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Well what would you do for the increments instead? Honestly, I’d love to here them because my suggestions were just like random, if you think you have something good I’d love to hear it :blush:

I do like the idea of having switchable floors, which are normal most of the time, but when Party Mode is activated, go all disco and what not.

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Yeah that was my favorite idea :smiley:

I actually like a few things about this idea, the idea of being able to create several conditions to host your party would probably add a good amount of depth to them, specially the one of renting out the Pulse Nightclub.

I do have to say that switching the floors would probably make it a bit nauseating (just thinking), although since Building Blocks are still going to be a thing, there could probably be buyable tills of dance floors.

I like this idea, except for the last one. Renting out the nightclub seems like a bad idea. Especially for 5000 Units. That is a really cheap price. It should be at least 20,000 Units.

I was thinking the floor would be more of a ‘Reactive’ thing where when you step on a tile it lights up a random color or it lights up with a color cycle in progress

10,000 for 5 minutes feels more fair.

But that would only be like, 2 songs.

fair point, 15 minutes?

I think 30 minutes would be fine

15k for 30 minutes is the new set.

  1. Units will be worth more, so probably not that much, but still a fair price.
  2. Instead of having to pay for a party that turns the floor reactive, why not make it actual flooring you can buy?
  3. Gift bags sound amazing. You could include party hats, party blowers and confetti. Genius idea.
  4. arcade games should be buyable so they always stay either in your vault or in the condo.
  5. Pool lights are gonna be configurable, and I assume that doesnt matter when it is, whether you are having a party or not.
  6. The outside of your condo is going to be customizable, so you can change what the outside looks like. Also time is going to pass normally so to have a nighttime party you would need to wait till night.
  7. Fireworks are buyable in GMod tower so I dont know why they would change that.
  8. Im pretty sure TV queue-ing could already be unlocked in GMod tower, dont see why that should need to be paid for.

I like the idea of a reactive floor but it just seems tacky if you’re not having a party I guess, I’m not sure, maybe it’s not shrug

I meant fireworks in the skybox, certain shots that can’t be made otherwise.

Nah. With how people earn GMC currently, I’ll never get access to the nightclub when in public mode. Though, I do like the other ideas.

What? The parties are public, anyone can walk in and enjoy it.