Option to change player blood color and gibs,

If a player is using a model which would have non-red blood/fluids, such as an alien or robot, it is strange for said model to have red blood when they are killed or shot.

I would like an option to change your blood color, which is applied in all gamemodes which use custom playermodels.

Some of these options might work better as workshop model metadata.

Other options that would be good:
Has organs: A playermodel which does not have organs, such as a skeleton, should not gib into organs.
Has bones: A playermodel which does not have bones, such as an alien, should not gib into bones.
Has skull: A headless playermodel should not gib with a skull spawned.
Has blood: A playermodel which does not have blood, such as a robot, should not bleed, nor explode into blood on gib. Alternatively could spark like metal when shot.