OPENTDB not responding

I have been using the opentdb api for several days now as I’ve been working on a project, but a few minutes ago both the API and website went down and are not responding.

now getting a 403 error

Should be resolved now.

I’m continuing this thread since the is taking too long (almost 1+ minute) to respond and it’s breaking my app. It was working fine until yesterday.

Can you please have a look at what is causing the delays?


We are working with the host to resolve the issues.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Roughly how much time will it take to get it fixed?

We’re having to move to a more powerful host due to performance degradation. We currently have no estimates on this, but we are working as quickly as we can to make the move.

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We were using this for API for my team’s coding bootcamp project which is due this Saturday night. We have to present Thursday and the teacher said we can demo with some fake questions for the presentation but was just wondering if there’s any chance of this being fixed by then or if we need to come up with a new plan

We’ll try our best to get this resolved in a couple days. We’re currently being hammered with traffic to the site.


This API was awesome, and I really appreciate that you gave free access to it. Unfortunately, I just sent out my resume to a bunch of companies and my first coding project listed on there is a ReactJS trivia game that relies on this API. Is there any chance you could share a JSON file of all (or at least some) of the data that was up before? Thank you!

Looks like things have calmed down a bit, so I’ve restored the API for the time being. We are working on improving services to prevent further downtime.


Thank you so much! As long as it is on when we get graded that would be perfect lol, fingers crossed. We present tomorrow with project due Saturday night and are usually graded in a day or so. Appreciate you working on it!

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Thank you! You guys are awesome!

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@macdguy Any rough estimates on full restoration? It can also be like ‘it’ll definitely take X days, maybe more’.

I just checked it is currently still working, we are presenting tonight between 7-9pm CST so please don’t shut it off during that window if possible lol

Not sure to be honest. Since the large spike in traffic I’ve been working on completely rewriting the backend to make optimizations and bring the code up to the latest standards, but I don’t have a time table on when that will be completed.

The site seems to be functional for the time being (albeit a bit slow) but hopefully once the rewrite is done (and pending any server upgrades or moves) it’ll be functioning like it used to.


There seems to be a lag in response time. It has been taking around 30-45 seconds to get a response for just a single question. Now I am getting a 503. Any idea what is going on?

Our host is having some slow down today.