Openable Trash Bags

Kirbyrocket mentioned that the devs are planning on making the Plastic Toyblock trash item stackable like actual Lego.
I thought that if they do that they should make it easier to obtain in some way. Then I had an idea.
What if they either made the current Trash Bags, or made a new Trash Bag item that you obtain from fishing openable like a catsack? And they contain a random assortment of fishing trash that get added to your inventory. It could be either an assortment or a lot of a single item. That way, getting a bunch of trash would be faster.

It could even be more like opening a Catsack, with a chance to find certain treasures like Gold, Gems, Sea Dollars, etc.

Kirbyrocket suggested I post this on the forums, so I am.

Someone else (@Jape) had the suggestion of making it so you can rummage through Plaza trash cans for random items,


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Anything for more trash items I say. As mentioned in another reply, I had another trash related suggestion, but as long as more trash gets introduced to the game, I’m all for it no matter the form.