One-Way Wall and Door

I think it would be nice to have one-way walls for our condos.

Right now it is possible to create a one-way passageway

as shown in this video

but I believe it would be nice to have an item for this so we can do it on a large scale without having to look at a ceiling fan in the wall as shown in this bug.

You can walk through the wall one way,

while you get blocked on the other.


These can be used in conjunction with one-way wall textures as well (where one side is invisible and the other is a specified texture OR you can use a texture gun to specify textures for the 6 different sides of the wall).

One-way doors could also be useful (doors that open from one side only). You can use a timer (with Condo/IO) to close the door automatically as well.

this could be used for evil just as much as for good

I want it


i want a friends only door & wall so i can lock out randoms from rooms of the map


This is a great idea. I’d also like to see doors that can only be opened by people who have met certain conditions (using a specific player model, drunk, etc.) so that I can realize my dream of creating a bar for cockroaches.


there’s a thread where someone set up a ‘keypad’ using rooms and teleporters so only the correct combination brought you to a given room. That could work for your use case in the interim as well, perhaps