One-way Mirror/Wall/etc

Just a simple item to decorate your condo with. Inspired by the old trampoline with an untextured bottom, these walls would also only be textured on one side (or would at least be transparent on one side). I’m not sure what they’d be useful for (interrogating room?), but I’m sure someone would figure out something cool to do with them. It’s nothing big; just a quick, little curiosity to possibly add.


I do like this idea. Great for roleplaying purposes as you’ve stated.

I also like the sound of this, would be great for making secret rooms. It also reminds me kinda of platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter.

this. this. this should be a easter egg in the transit station. IT MUST HAPPEN. @macdguy you better… dang copyright… nvm

No one said we couldn’t allude to it… :wink:

nah would be better as a workshop item

Lol jk, of course it’s a neat small detail. Sure. Would probably use this with an inside balcony in my condo to give it a special entrance and outrance or something like that.

I’d made a maze.
Confusing as hell. And I’d add some jumpscares.

Mirrors are really expensive to render because you have to render the entire scene from another point of view at the same time as rendering your current scene.

However, a one way wall would not be too hard to do. I’d imagine we will add the building blocks back and then we can add this as one of the materials you can set the blocks to. It’s cool that we have a material editor now for use because it means you can be more flexible with the items you have without really adding too much content to the game’s file size.

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