Official Workshop Editor Suggestion Thread

Hey there! Part of my job is making good UX and making creators lives easier.

Workshop has been out for over a month now (time flies) and you’ve all produced over a thousand items and player models!

It’s really impressive work you’ve all been doing and I want to dedicate this thread to making it more enjoyable.

So, please use this thread to post all your editor suggestions. Anything that you’ve personally wanted to be easier or need to make your next workshop creations.

A good example would be better ways to handle texture importing. Or adding more support for some effects you wanted to produce.

Thanks once again!


Making a way to make light offsets for furniture with lights on them, and you can customize the lights on them.


Just suggesting a working bobblehead template to model with, like in the manner the hula doll functions.


What I think would come in handy is an advanced option to offset every cosmetics individually, mostly cause there’s, for instance, always the case of trying to fit the cat beany properly, and then the other hats looks off, mostly because their position compared to their origin is completely changing when scaling them up or down


Is it possible to see the generated collision boxes? It can be difficult guessing how it’s going to turn out, it’d be great to know for example if the 20-sided dice I recently added would roll properly(it did perfectly thankfully) but I had to upload and roll it to find out.

And in-game showing each blender object in a list and being able to enable/disable its collision box would help a lot too.

Lastly, physics item pick-up rotation / position offsets, and attaching to specific bones. I had this idea to set my workshop swords and things to attach to a hand bone and position it so when a player picks it up it’s like he’s holding it. If it can be attached to a bone then that would be amazing.


At the very least, the ability to see how other accessories look on the playermodel would be nice, especially for accessories that aren’t precisely hat-shaped (cat ears) or something, letting us find a happy medium that works for multiple hats instead of trial and error through multiple uploads would be great.


Emotes in the editor so you know how it functions before you publish.


Something I’d absolutely love to see but have no idea how it’d impact animations would have to be adjustable arm length. Just like shoulder height and width you can adjust how long the arm bones are. Every model I’ve rigged has long arms and it can look really off at times. :sweat:

Another suggestion is having different lighting setups in the editor. Having a full blast single light isn’t helpful if you also want to see your creation under differing lighting conditions. You’d have to upload and test these things in your own condo and such but this addition could speed it up.

That’s about all I can think of for now. Thank you for this thread! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m pretty sure the example you had is what I’m about to mention but in case its not exactly what I’m about to suggest, I was really hoping for a way to replace materials without the need to re-upload the object/player-model, like for example during the Halloween event I made a Halloween theme for my player-model however I didn’t have the model on my computer anymore so I wanted to see if it was possible to export the model from the game and through a lot of tedious search I found it wasn’t completely possible so if it was possible to upload a texture to replace a material for the object/player-model, that would save me so much time and help a great deal when making multiple items using the same mesh, again I’m not sure if that’s what you meant in your example or not

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fix the hidden nsfw tag, for workshop player models, my addon only can be seen if im using it, or if they goto my steam profile to find it. other then that people can only become “haydee”, when they see me being it in game, and if they goto my profile atm

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It’d be nice if I could make a texture glossy and have a slider for how glossy I want to make it. It would be great for making models with metal or glass textures.


ability to disable backface culling on selected materials


This seems like it would be a limitation of Unreal, wouldn’t it? I’m pretty sure a lot of engines don’t texture the reverse sides of their polygons.

UE4 has a two-sided material option, so it’s definitely possible.

Interesting! Seeing it in action with a translucent material, I can already think of applications. (A Quake 3 Quad Damage effect comes to mind.)

I made a playermodel earlier but I can’t upload it since the shoulder width can’t increase enough to get the arms out of the body. It’d be nice if we could adjust shoulder width up to 150 to help with models like that.

Add the ability to set which body part a cosmetic is parented to. This would do wonders for player models without moving heads, an could also be used for creative things. Now who doesn’t want a doughnut floaty on your head?

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Curious if physics bones would ever be possible?
I imagine being able to add bones with particular names, then having it act with physics in game with whatever is painted to it, with angle limits too. I imagine things like capes and hair being popular, if it’s even possible.

They’ll eventually be possible, but they’re quite difficult to pull off with Unreal engine because everything has to be cooked (premade and compiled) for their spring bones to function.

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