Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


@IrZipher The cat bag shop/head was going to be moved someplace else by the next patch due to it accidentally being leaked on a developer stream. Not only that, but there will be new content with each patch, most likely, which means more stuff to find.

You should change the name of the thread to whatever the current patch version is, as well with any future easter egg threads. :grinning:


Sweet thanks for the suggestion! I now have "Game Build: (The Build the EE is on)-(The Build the EE was removed/placed somewhere else)" for every Picture or EE description. Feel free to post EE's you find here.


The 420 Easter egg has been there since alpha 0.0.2


Thank you, just now changed it (:


I found a couple easter eggs/references within the item list of the game as of now, shown HERE. They are:
ITEM 30: Wizard Hat. Description: Fight some dragons in some dungeons. Stolen from an actual wizard. Reference: Dungeons and Dragons.
ITEM 48: Cellphone. Description: Featuring the hit game, Flippy Bard! Reference: Mobile game 'Flappy Bird'.
ITEM 97: Wardrobe. Description: A wardrobe to keep clothes together in Narnia. Reference: Narnia. DUH.
ITEM 112: Chrome Trashbin. Description: Everything is chrome in the future. Reference: The TV show Spongebob, episode 129.
ITEM 156: Wood Glass Table. Description: Made in a Swedish factory, so you know it's good. Reference: The real-life furniture store, IKEA. They're Swedish.
ITEM 175: Drumset. Description: Play the drums, just like Keith Moon. Reference: Real-life drum player Keith Moon, who played in The Who.
ITEM 176: Guitar. Description: Be a real Jimi Hendrix with this working guitar. Reference: The real-life famous American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter known as Jimi Hendrix.
ITEM 205: Bottle. Description: Sadly, does not contain a fairy in it. Reference: Legend of Zelda.
ITEM 210: Old Candlestick. Description: Found in a dusty old place. Note: Does not talk. Reference: The Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.
ITEM 221: Barrel. Description: Slightly worn from being thrown a lot. Reference: The original Donkey Kong arcade game.
ITEM 228: Papers. Description: Please. Reference: Papers, Please.
ITEM 291: Security Camera. Description: Big Brother's favorite tool. Reference: Possibly in reference to George Orwell's novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

I think I got them all! Or, at least most of them! Hope I could help :wink:


There's also the melon which is a reference to Metal Melon.


This was discovered by @Billybobjoey yesterday on Discord. No-clipping behind the Train Station reveals a strange corridor with a door on it.


Possible upcoming area in the lobby? Looks way to detailed for a random Easter Egg. Although it might be reused assests from a Virus map.


It really reminds me of those old call of duty maps, like, in World at War. So that might be the case. Maybe there will be a secret vendor or something else silly or fun :smiley:


Polite didn't mention this, but I feel like I should mention that the door doesn't open, and if you noclip behind it, nothing's there.


how do you noclip in tu


V, just like in gmod


Oh, since when was it added?


Last weekly update


Did you have to read all the item descriptions? Good work! :clap:


Thank you! Yeah, I went ahead and decided to read them all. Surprised I found so many, but so glad that I did. Some of these are pretty cool.


(Yes this isn't in the game but I feel like it's worth to be here since it's official)


Sometimes when you play minigolf you can hear someone say SHIT! Only happend twice tho


in condo, I don't think you can be host but my friend found this no clipping in the hills


I actually seen that yacht go past my condo and I didn't realise I could noclip