Official copyrighted charactermodels from permissive companies

The current charactermodels are just a placeholder for a customization system which will come once high priority development is finished, as everyone should know.

I’m not sure how workshop is planned to play into this (And I can’t find it on Trello right now) but I can’t imagine having to download the workshop model for every player that happens to join a lobby I’m in if I don’t want to see some Standard model. So I don’t see how copyrighted characters could return that way. But I still wonder if some characters couldn’t officially be used if they’re the IP of permissive companies.

It’s no secret that Valve for example has quite a few cosmetics in TF2 that are from copyrighted IPs, mostly for promotion of those. And there’s a few non-Valve games that let you play as Valve characters. Examples: [1], [2], [3]. Right now I can’t find my old source of Starbreeze/Overkill openly advertising their willingness to produce crossover content for IP promotions but the current list of PAYDAY 2 characters should be proof enough of that.

So I was wondering, did lawyers advise against it or is there anything else stopping PixelTail from asking Valve, Starbreeze, Double Fine*, Capcom, Mojang, Running with Scissors and others (I just listed the ones I’m optimistic they’d say yes) if the characters from their IPs could be used as base models for TU character customization?

I’m writing this today because I went through some Steam Greenlight stuff and found another indie team did just that and it appears to have been successful:


Pronounced: Double Fiiiiiiiiiiiine!

Gonna quote good ol’ Mac for reference purposes:

TLDR: If you don’t want the game to download playermodels automatically, you can manually sub to those you want to see in-game, no official partnerships required.

So basically we will have a bunch of hitlers, ponies and naked anime girls running around the lobby? Don’t know, i kind of wanted to buy player models, but it seems they are going with more of a just make your own workshop stuff and add it for free kind of direction… :frowning:

Would be better if they just let the community make stuff in the workshop then add them to the shops :confused:

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I’m not sure what you are getting by saying this. You can filter out the content if you don’t want to see those types of things, as said here:

Also content that is overly offensive or NSFW would be removed.

We’d have to completely ensure that content is owned by the author of the workshop item and it’s more work than we really want to commit to. Plus, by making it completely open to the public - people can be whatever they want to be and we don’t have to be some sort of beacon of approval.