Some criticism on Tower Unite

The emotes were planned to be worked on after the new animation locomotion set was finished. Since the set is finished, the player emotes will start to be made.

We never neglected this part of the game, but we prioritized gameplay over emotes as we felt that spending time making dancing animations for a game that has no actual game would be counterproductive.

It’s set to “no release date” because we cannot give a good estimate for the release date at the moment. Items in that section on Trello could happen at any point in time during development, not super later in development. It doesn’t have super low priority, either. We definitely know how much people want them.

As of now, our plan is this:

Custom player models:

  • will be automatically downloaded for you (you do not need to be subscribed before hand)
  • can be turned off at any point
  • can also not be automatically downloaded and you can manually subscribe
  • can be filtered out by tags (i.e human, non-human, etc.) and will be appropriately tagged
  • cannot have NSFW content as it is against Steam Workshop rules and will be removed
  • can also be filtered out by their upload date, so if you’re worried about seeing something NSFW, you can filter out brand new workshop items to avoid that before we get to them
  • will not be in stores to be unlocked, they will be free
  • cannot be used in competitive Game Worlds (ie. Virus, SDNL, etc.)

This is all subject to change, but this has been our plans internally for months now.