No screen appears

I’m not good english.

I don’t know if I can write it here. Sorry.

Once the game is played, no screen appears.

Next to the library,Tower Unite seems to be playing.

But there is nothing but a steam screen.

Computer spec are not a problem.

It happened to my friend today.

Please let me know what the problem is. Developer

Thanks And have a good day


so basicaly when they load up the game nothing comes up onscreen or no icon the taskbar.
like this

and it shows you are playing in the steam library


Yeah. Same…

So you did carefully check that the machine is indeed perfectly capable of running the game? Okay I’m gonna trust you on this one.

Does the TU executable show up in task manager? Does the PC performance indicate it’s doing anything?

Is there a solution?

i dont know
I had it on my old computer and i never knew why (it happened 1/2) the time i did it
most of the time i just waited for 10 minutes and it appeared for me

I don’t know because my friend is in the refund process now.