No Autocorrect

Alright, so this is a game where you write a story, but you can’t use backspace or autocorrect, so any spelling issues remain for viewing pleasure.

Should I even ask where to begin?

Ver is da nemo?

Zis is wery confusing…

Just start typting and see wheoat comes out, but don’t mistiype on puropose (Yeah, that is one of my sentences without backspace…)

I suspected that this might happen, so I prepared my words very carefully…
but I don’t really think theio is verking.

Withourt the bacptspace (ok, that was button lag) my bueatifurl typigng skills is not so beautiful. So I just assumed other peorple hasd a similar issue.

Be vewy vewy quwiet, im hunding fore typohs.

Obvious joke quota fulfilled!

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one day, a nice lad v did something and then he found a sword and killed a drago n the end lol xd why am i typing this so bad xdxdxdxd

See, I’m a master at using a typewriter so I can write perfectly with no errors look at me haha. the mas said and then proceeded to make several gramatical etrors and mispellings because he is a dumbass sheep . so then he woke up after such a horrible dream of killing dragons and mispelling things on a typewriter. He went downstairs and made himself a 1000 degree coffee. He then procedded to kill a dragon and write on a typewriter but its not einsenption because this time he spills the coffee and wakes up for real. He woke up from someone pooring coffee onto him that was made from the fire of dragon breath so he died. The end. Fin. Astalavista baby. They libved bappily ever after. done

Honestly, you are probably the best typer here in terms of mistakes makde

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I love my sifwitch. I play spllatobn 2 and mariol kart 8 delvexe a…elle day!!

I have a blue keyu machenaical keyboard, it feels like a typewruiter and the ketys are so high, so its really easy yo make a mistake. I’m a pretty big fdam, it’s fun to use and it s really really loud but i fear my backspace key is gonna go out in like a week.

i can run the casino tat almosty like 200 fps on max settings e xdxdxdxd my keyborad isn’t mechenical though so im not pc master race kekekekekkekeke

does this relly think dis is a gyud idea?

Steam is a gfreat palce to get video game s adn e palyt theam bwecates tjehy are great. ANd if ewe keep giveing them money we migth get healf life 3.

Zis necromancy iz reel

Welp. That happenerd.

once apon a time there where a mighty wajrio and he wantedc to make the kongdom so proiud so he sat on a rock o day and tjen becan to sing to the wgol,e town and theu whhere clapping as hard as they can.

and he lived hto the days end and he they he lived happily ever after

thanls for listenon to myhn storiy :grin:

I’m pretty proun of my incerdibly good typing.

Tower Unite is a great game with a great commounity and they all have lovely spelling andgrammer.

This is actually a lot more fun than I’d originally thought :smiley: