No Autocorrect


I know, right? its so weitrd not frorcing myseld to taype correctly (I don’t know what happened there, that was pretty weird, even for me).


And one more thing, I have no idea what I’m typing, and how it looks, due to a broken TU taking up most of my screen, good thing I’m a master at typing without looking at the screen.


Ball race is game that consists of you getting to the end in a plastic human sized ball. You are timed for your efforts are as you get to end. You get a fair sum of credits pif performed well. From my experiences in gmod tower, it’s my second favorite game modes.


(Rip my grammer, I’m dead inside :sweat_smile:)


Vhy dud yoo hav two necro zis poost?


Vut you do it all the time!


One time there lived a little by nmed Bob, Bob lived a happy life, but one day, a mash potato with spikes crushed him in the head and he died.


I sure do love this game s it is so fun aha anyways billy bob lived by a grocery dstore and he vwas very good anf then he wans’t so haha how are you doing this is a really bad post


post withdrawn by author is my favorite story!


(pSAOt erwithdrawsn by auther, will be acutomatically ldeletca ed in 2 housr unleass flagged)


I forgot to not backspcae


Some time there will be a little poochie at your doorstep, they will have a letter in it’s mouth, it is saying: No one carees about your fortnite wins.


Wow, this thread seems very dead, well, at least sort of dead, the last reply was me making a story, a week ago.

(This is contributing to the game.)


Quite reviving freads, it is note a gud eyedea


If dot really like thsi gaes, its even annoying that my own annoy people thrread


I likae to eat a nice pies n in a nice house alol


I am depressed

Typing that one is down to mistle memory


Calling the Thanos Fortnite at 3:00 AM! OMG HE RESPONDED

oh wait this isn’t


All you nerds who make mistakes when typing need to get cool for tactical school- haha, loser.


man it isnt that hard to do this . , i dont see the promblmem people would have doing this, wait oh i see now yeah this makes me sad now i canny do big boy words :frowning: