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Hai guys!

I was thinking about some interesting gamemodes from Garry`s Mod and i found one!

TTT - Trouble in Terrorist Tower! Same rules as normal TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town).

Don`t know what TTT is? Check this out.

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Nice idea, although I’d rather a game mode that is completely new, not a re-hashed gmod gamode that I’ve play a lot.


Yea, but TowerUnite can replace GMod for us. So why don’t port popular mods? We don’t need Cinema, because we can use TVs instead.

From here:

Add TTT / Deathrun / Other Generic Gamemode from CSS!

These games don’t fit the standards that we feel are necessary at GMTower. The rounds that are set up in these gamemodes are too long or unusual that we could implement it in the way we do with our current gamemodes. Not to mention that these gamemodes would have a substantial lack of maps since we don’t want to use other people’s work.

To be honest I doubt they’re gonna do it. It would be a blatant ripoff and people would call them out for it.

I feel like taking the concept from “The Ship”, TTT & GMTower would be great.

“Tower of murder”

You, and many others, are at the Tower resort, controlled and guarded by unknown company.
One day, a horrifying murder has happened - the victim’s body has been dismembered, his torso hanging from a tree, whilst his head, arms & legs were found in a trashcan nearby. Due to this spine-chilling event, the company decided to take security measures - the resort’s locked, so that the psychotic killer can’t escape, but leaving people with another problem: The citizens can’t get out either!

You are a normal person, with a normal life - you’ve come here for your vacancy to rest from your daily job.
Due to the incident, you need to survive as long as you can until the murderer gets captured - dead or alive.

You have 3 ways to win:
-Try to survive till the round’s over
-Fight fire with fire! (Kill the murderer)

Dear lord, what have you done?!
You have killed this man… But you aren’t going to stop, are you?
You are going to make the world pay for their sin!

You have 3 options:
-Suicide - yes, this is an actual option, and the more creative you are - the more points you can get! (Max 20 points)
-Murder EVERYONE! - creativity is also important here, but beware - this is a huge place with lots of people - good luck! (Max. 10P per kill / 100P for killing everyone / double Ps for killing guards)
-Escape! - You are sane enough to escape the pressure - there are hidden exits in this place - use them when you really need to, though - the round ends then and you get 0P for escaping - yet you keep your score from the round.

Whilst a murderer, creativity is important - If you are able to get into one of the security armories, you can get a gun & easily kill many people, but where’s the fun in a simple, fast bullet to the head? How about you beat your victims to death with a spoon, pull their eye out - OR, make yourself one? If you can’t get your hands on anything, the environment can still aid you in your quest. Of course, the easiest way of killing everyone is hacking in the security AI & trigger a massacre, but beware - you’ll have to escape then if you want it to count! (1P per kill from total massacre trap / 0.5P per kill if dead)

Like I said earlier, there are secret exits all over the placre which you can use, but your victims can also!
You’ll have the option to either use them & escape, or sabotage them and prevent anyone from using them.

Security team:
You’ve been hired by the Unknown company to protect the Tower. With the hideous hanging torso, you know that the job won’t be an easy one.
Unlike the other citizens, though, you have access to a well-protected zone where you can grab a gun, your uniform and hunt him down (Or protect the security system) - when in trouble, you can get yourself healed there!

Keep a note - you are a living being & need to care for yourself. Along with the goals, you have requirements to live:
-Hunger - feed yourself!
-Thirst - don’t get dehydrated!
-Hygiene - keep your body clean!
-Entertainment - You can, indeed, get bored to death!
-Socialize - Humans can’t live without being in a society!
-Health - Diseases are also a thing - threat yourself well, 'cause untreated wounds may result in getting sick. You may also bleed out or be poisoned - there are first aid wall cabinets in some place that can help you overcome these health issues.
-Sex - Humans need love.

Mutators (Modifiers):
-Diseases (Disabled by default - if enabled, wounded people might get infected from a virus)
-Sex (Disabled by default - if enabled, remember to pack some condoms for safe sex [if diseases are enabled also] :V )
-Timed round (enabled by default)
-HUD (Enabled by default - if disabled, people will need to rely on their instincts or look for indicating equipment - radars, map, health analyzer, etc.)
-Escaping (Enabled by default - if disabled, all exits are sabotaged from the start)
-Entertainment killer (Disabled by default - if enabled, getting too bored [Too low entertainment] will result into death)
-Classic Crime scene **(**Enabled by default - number of murderers increases based on the amount of citizens:

Default value - 1 murderer = 16 citizens, 1/5 of which part of the Security team (3.2 in this case)
In a server with 64 players, there’ll be 4 murderers, 13 security team members and 47 Citizens )

-The legend (†) **[**Disabled by default - if enabled, default formula here is 10 citizens = 2 security guards, though - a little note: The murderer is a single person, though he isn’t exactly human - his body is burned / carbonized, yet this Ghostly monstrosity is alive - and ready to murder you.
Murderer can select to start with either a cleaver (Short range, Medium/High DMG, Fast swing) or a long kitchen knife (Medium range, High DMG, Slow/Medium swing) by default.
Murderer starts with 150 HP, yet his HP increases based on amount of players (each player grants him 5 HP - if there are 64 players on the server, he’ll get 320 additional HP, making the value into 470 HP.
He’s enhanced with unholy power - he walks faster than a normal human, sprints even faster, Swings faster & hits harder - yet he can’t disguise himself

Security Team’s armory upgrade is enabled by default in this case - the guards won’t have a selection of pistols & other low-grade firepower, but, instead, military-grade Shotguns & ARs ]

-Real crime Scene (Disabled by default - if enabled, it’s the same like the Classic one, only that there won’t be multiple murderers - it’s only a single one, against absolutely everyone else)

We should keep a note, absolutely everyone gets a random name & Surname on start of round - And everyone gets a random clothing.
Players can look up wardrobes & some other places to grab some clothing, so they can hide their identity from others - including some masks at some places, so you can hide your face.

Due to the possibility of meta-gaming between dead & alive people, when you die, you’ll see everyone’s STEAM names instead of their current round names - and, of course, the living can’t hear/understand ghosts.

As mentioned earlier, there’ll be some psychological requirements (Sex, Socialize, Entertainment) for you to cover up - However, instead of killing you, the lower your psychological needs are, the lower your sanity is - Socialize is the main psycho-need, whilst Entertainment & Sex affect Socialization.

Sanity is what keeps you from going on a rampage or killing yourself.
As your sanity goes down, the environment around you starts to change - it’s no longer a resort, but starts to turn into a hideous nightmare with monstrosities walking around you (The people) and you start to see Ghosts (Spectators).
Another possibility is random aggressive actions - if you have a weapon (if not - you still have fists), you’ll pull them out - the lower the sanity, the higher the chance to even slash/hit/shoot at/near someone near you.
Third possibility is… well - if you have consumed drugs to increase your entertainment (yes, you may find drugs in the medical cabinets) - you’ll probably like being in the Fairy-land, where everyone is… well - IDK, a teddy bear or whatever random happy thing you can think of? Weapons become all sorts of candy, and - if you die during this moment - you’ll see yourself taking up a candy & your eyes start to close.

The round’s timer starts with 5 minutes - for each kill, it gets increased with 1 minute - a killing spree (Multiple kills in a low amount of time) will increase the time with 30 seconds per kill (a KS is counted when atleast 3 people have been killed in a low amount of time).

Just keep a note - Murdered victims’ bodies still remain near you after you kill them, so you should hide them somehow (Or maybe dismember them with a machine of some sort?).

Communication is localized - If you want to speak globally, you’ll have to breach the Security Team’s zone to get to the speakers ( & Sirens, which can help notify the residence that someone has breached the area - they automatically activate upon the start of the massacre process ). Voice chat will be ranged and will appear as an icon above your head instead of appearing on your HUD - though, it does appear on the Spectator HUD.

This post will be edited more.


The idea that butilka introduced is quite interesting, and combines a plethora of great games together, however, other companies may try to make a copyright strike. The similarities between this new gamemode and “The Ship” is difficult to find aside from the human needs. (other note: Sex? As a human need? XD)
Aside from that, it seems pretty well thought out. The small amount of roles is remnant of TTT and the needs are, of course, similar of that to The Ship. If PixelTail games were to make this an actual game, they would need to change some things around. The needs, for example, would probably be low in number, and the socialization would most likely be to only find out the killer. It is a big idea, though done many times before, it would be difficult to master, let alone comprehend.
It is a very nice idea, having a semi-casual killing game in this Tower to unite many places. It just needs to be different than everything else! No hard feelings!

It was literally a random midnight brainstorm that I wrote with pain from my tablet (If only the forums were optimized for mobile devices…) - and isn’t even finished yet

A very impressive effort, writing that much in a drowzy midnight. I actually thought things over and thought that the good ol’ milk model they have in Tower Unite could go to some use.
Just a small thing to say, but what about a killing game inside of a fridge? The players are foods that spoil if they die.

The Ship + TTT + Forum Mafia = I love it!

But GMod isn’t a bad game. And I highly doubt most of us would uninstall it.
Granted, it would be nice to see TTT in a new engine, it isn’t a part of Tower.

That would be a good idea if it was part of Tower originally. I’m not trying to say that’s a bad idea, but I like how you think, and maybe we should create a version of TTT that is not the same as TTT in GMod, it would be more unique and have a new name and play style, but the same type of game.

This would be an amazing gamemode!

This would be kinda like the gamemode port for UCH. I don’t really think it would work out for tower unless you play only one round and then get your rewards because each round could go up to 30 minutes to an HOUR. Maybe if they put a 2 or 3 minute time limit for the traitors then it might be a bit better but then you come up with the problem of the pace of the game. Rounds might become straight up deathmatches because of the very small amount of time the traitors have. It would be nearly impossible for this to be in tower especially with the amount of players needed for this and how big the maps need to be. Im thinking something along the lines of prop hunt or murder but not this complex game with very long rounds and strict rules. It’s just not very fitting in my opinion. Also random deathmatch… yeah… TTT is not something you can just jump in and play because its not friendly to new players. Like I said earlier, self explanatory gamemodes such as murder or prop hunt would be better but even THOSE are a slight stretch. If this could somehow be worked into tower though then it would be AMAZING but otherwise no…

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