So, as the Tower Unite have it’s currency, why not inplement character needs?

I think that our character (read: us) should have it’s needs like hunger, thirst or sleep.
Kitchen in our condo and beds would have finally any sense of existing. The food or water could be purchared at special food shop(s), maybe near the beach. These stats could be regenerated by eating food or drinking water by clicking on them in inventory, sleeping in bed for some time or something. Ignoring these needs would result in a penalty, as slower speed in plaza, losing control over character for few seconds etc. after reaching critical level of a stat after like 48-72 real hours. Costs would be low, like 100 Units for pull stat of thirst and hunger.
That would make TU more like other MMOs.

No, this isn’t The Sims.


Yeah, it’s The Sims.
Tower Unite is an online game, where we have to have fun, so, why don’t make it more realistic?

No, it really isn’t The Sims.

Realism is not what they’re aiming for with this game. It’s meant to be silly and fun. We can do without a ‘needs’ system nagging on people to detract from whatever they’re doing to prevent ‘debuffs’.


Yeah, you’re right. Tower Unite was made to have fun and have a good time with your friends. Doesn’t need to be more realist. :slight_smile:

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We have buffs here, so why don’t implement debuffs? Also, if the food would cost money, it would force the players to spend more time on the game.

Because it’s not fun. It’s literally as simple as that.

Tower Unite is meant to be a fun social experience. Not a Sims-like game where we’ll have to micromanage our time in order to keep up ‘needs’.


But the game is about doing what you want, not about being forced to do anything… :confused:

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I’m more aiming for idea to make players more atracted or addicted to game.

Not exactly with the same mindset of the others, but I do agree that adding “needs” makes Tower Unite more of a job than it already is with having to acquire Units. Tower Unite isn’t as much of a real life simulator game as it is a social experience. While some people might enjoy the Needs system, it’s not really sought after by the community or devleopers.

Yeah, I know. But debuffs aren’t forcing or something. Be creative! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The good news is, because Tower Unite will have steam workshop support, someone can make a mod for this kind of thing for you guys!

They’re not fun though.
As we said millions of times, this is not meant to be some realistic roleplaying game. It’s basically Fuck Shit Up wihout the fucking shit up part, just the fun part.

I’m under the full belief it’d turn more players /away/ from the game. It’s a cliche feature we really don’t need.

Yes it is, nobody wants to be purposely slowed down just because they didn’t want to waste money keeping up their ‘needs’.

On the topic of consumables, can someone refresh my memory as to whether they actually do anything or not? It’s been a while since I played gmod tower.

Don’t worry, for this causes, there will be Steam Workshop. Everybody can make a mode of this.


It will stay cool. So don’t worry, debuffs will be not a drastic change.

They /will/ be an inconvenience, though. Like I said, nobody wants to have their movement slowed or lose control, just because they didn’t spend money on ‘needs’. That’s basically extortion.

When I was talking about debuffs, I’ve had in idea small debuffs, like lowering speed by 30%, losing control over character for 5 sec, or worse aim in minigames. So?

I can’t think of a single example where debuffs are a good thing…