Well, so, well that would suck. We have no reason to do this, so we shouldn’t.

These are not small.[quote=“JaroZawiercie, post:19, topic:5896”]
worse aim in minigames

That’s just stupid. Again, you’re basically extorting money from players for a useless system that punishes them for not spending on it.

If you want a game with debuffs play other MMOs. This game is created for have fun with friends doing stupid things and playing Game Worlds.

Also, having to constantly spend money on food would mean we would make less money overall :fearful:

Well, basically this is a suggestion to punish players for not spending money on unnecessary things.

I feel I should point out that @macdguy himself even mentioned that he desires this game to allow players the choice of doing as they please, including not even playing minigames at all, or vice versa, avoiding the plaza and solo/private party playing minigames solely.

The former would mean not really earning any Units, which means a debuff system would punish these players.
The latter wouldn’t attend the lobby and thus wouldn’t be able to tend to these needs, so they get punished too.

Sorry, but a needs system literally isn’t happening. It strips the freedom of choice in this game.

When I mean debuff, I mean they will be introduced when stats are in critical level
Reaching Critical Level would be like 48 real hours, so, I don’t know why there’s so much hate.

Not that I agree with your suggestion anyways, but you can’t fault @Roboboy2710 when you never even stated that in your original suggestion post anyways.

There is so much hate because such restrictions in general are very bad, when it happens is not even relevant at this point. It bashes the fun part of the game.

100 Units/48 hour? Well, it’s half a minigolf party.

Again, details in the original post lacking severely.

This is still an inconvenience and waste of in-game money.

It just… it doesn’t need to happen. It’s a cool idea, but it doesn’t belong in this game.


I mean, it’s a good suggestion… for other kind of games. This game doesn’t need that. :slight_smile:

So, I don’t get why we are still arguing here? Tower Unite doesn’t need stuff like this, what else is there to say really?

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In-game currency = need to spend currency
Spend on what?
For people that maxed out their condos it would be a dawn of a new era.

Nothing else I guess.

I don’t know… arguing is fun.

We already have something to spend your money on, and that is items. Except we do not force you to do that. And we will never force anyone to spend their money on something.

To make own version of things accepted by the community.