My condo crashes the game of anyone that joins

works 100% of the time, idk why I don’t have anything weird in my condo that would do that. crashes my game too. I know the solution would be to wipe it but its mad nice

some information about what’s in your condo could be helpful, how many items roughly for example. does it work for you until someone joins?

i enter my condo, it crashes. Someone else can join too, it crashes for them as well. I don’t think I have that many items but I do use steam workshop items

if it crashed when you enter it how can someone else join it? does it only happen sometimes?

are we talking hundreds of workshop items? you might want to have task manager open while you load in your condo and check if RAM for example is running out.

not 100s, not a hardware issue. happens to everyone who joins. i can walk for like 2 seconds before it freezes and ppl can join then

What map is it on? Can you join other people who are hosting that map fine?