My character keeps spinning in circles


My character keeps walking forward and looking left like this
I haven’t played in a while and played tower unite on another computer if any of that info helps


Do you have a controller plugged in? If you do, unplug it, and restart the game, see if that works.


I probably should’ve thought of that. But hey, it worked! thanks!


If it was your controller you might have have some drift on your analog stick, I’d double check that. Unless the joystick was just being pushed by something.


I am NOT trying to be rude, and I am sorry if you take offense to this, you are probably new to pc gaming and such… but really? Possibly the weirdest yet simplest “Bug Report/Support” post I have seen on this forum…


Hey its happened to me before, a couple times. I’ve had times where I forgot a controller was plugged in and my player’s spinning while I’m confused till I find the controller upside down on the ground.

Hell one time I launched Battlefield 3 on PC to show a friend who usually played on console. I passed him a 360 pad I had plugged in, but it wasn’t working. After trying to figure it out for five minutes, I pick up a USB NES controller, press left on the Dpad and it actually turned in game. Turns out the game registered the NES controller that was still hooked up for emulators as the default controller, ignoring the other one. I turned to him and jokingly said “You’re going to have to play with this.”


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