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I have a NES remix of the Phase 2 thing as a ringtone on my phone.

The main them really doesn’t do much for me, but the Splatfest battle song is really good. IMO




and also the entirety of this:


A now broken up ambient experimental band that my friend’s sister was in, Baruch the scribe.

Absolutely love One Must Be a Sea

Around Evil memories it starts to sound like substantial music again.


Speaking of that:


Well, it’s been 15 years and still no new Avalanches album. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy “Since I Left You”.


My profile card much




…what? it’s music.


totally music…



I found this song out recently off a stream playlist. Helps a lot when you’re playing a competitive game! :smile:



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#fuckin DOPE



Who doesn’t? Sucks that the country I live in pretty much north korea’d us from all Quake titles (I think all, Quake 3 atleast is banned here), where even saying the game’s name would give other people a bad impression of you. Game Stores would not show a single trace of any Quake game too.
Speaking of banned games, here’s a list of all indexed/banned games in Germany:

The sorting goes like this: Game Title - Platform - Game Author - Ban Date (basically)
Hersteller unbekannt = Author unknown
At the bottom of the page is a legend of the platform shortcuts.