Most emulators not showing up on "TV Wall Mountable"

I’m not sure if this should be in bug reports or if I’m doing something wrong to where it should be in support.

I just bought most of the emulators in the game and connected them to my mountable tv wall with the tower glove. I first used the toaster emulator, because its goofy. It works just fine. If I use any others (n64, nes, etc.), though, I can hear the game’s music, but I can’t see anything on the tv. it keeps TV static on the screen.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Are you putting all the consoles to one TV? Sounds like you need to change channels with a remote or use a Connection to control the channels.

It’s all plugged into one tv. I bought a tv remote, but it doesn’t look like it does anything…

nevermind :slight_smile: I found the right item! Thank you!!