More work on APUs

I just thought if you guys were gonna do old PC support APU support is a good idea then too.

“old pc support” isn’t a thing, they optimise the game and see what performance boosts come out of it.

right, but they seem adament to specifically old computers.
idk what kinda optimization it is really i just want optimization.

Optimization is optimization. There is no “old computer optimization”. The focus right now is some of the bigger features, and then optimization later.

Right, I just hope they don’t go down the ARK route where they don’t optimize at all, ande keep adding new stuff.

Ark runs on the same Engine as TU. Unreal Engine 4 is really demanding because it’s built for AAA games with loads of effects. That makes it hard to address low end Hardware.

We aren’t making the engine. Ask Unreal to improve APU support.

We optimize the game all the time. It’s not a simple button click or a simple solution. It’s a constant process. Every game has different unique issues that lead to performance problems and we are constantly addressing them in each update.


except ark runs mind bogglingly slow on a gtx 670

What are you talking about? Ark had done some ENORMOUS optimization packages before 2016 and managed to almost DOUBLE their FPS from previous rates. The Ark dev team, has actually done a lot of work. Almost every week those guys release a new dinosaur. People don’t really understand how much work modeling and rigging is because they just see the finished work. But modeling and rigging a dinosaur takes several hours or even days. It’s not something you can easily spit out multiple times a week.

That’s because a GTX 670 is now a crap card and is dated. It’s getting close to time for you to update. That card came out over 4 years ago and we have cards that are over 8 times more powerful. Your GPU is over twice as old as Ark, so I’m not surprised it has trouble running it.

2GB of VRAM is really not enough for UE4 gaming. We are entering a time where games are getting very demanding. But our hardware is becoming more than powerful enough to support it.

Try out a 970 or wait for the 1070 and you’ll be amazed. I get 90-120+ fps everywhere with a 970. Don’t blame the game because your hardware is inadequate.

First of all, I have an Intel HD. I don’t even have a 670.
Secondly, there’s a difference between 20 (IHD on TU) fps and 2 (670 on ARK).
Clearly something is wrong here.

Intel HD is probably not gonna preform well with Unreal 4, and that’s to be expected. Unreal 4 uses the latest technology. It scales well, but it can’t do miracles.

Like I said before, each game has unique things that can drastically change their performance.

Eh, at least i’m getting 15 fps on average
Still playable

I would probably get better preformance if i used my radeon R4 laptop now that i think about it…

Wait are you seriously trying to compare integrated graphics to an independant GPU? From the sound of it, I would say your GPU is busted. Whats your CPU? I know my 2600k runs worse than a 8800, let alone a 670. There’s almost no reason why your onboard should outperform your GPU unless you have hardware problems or a brand new processor. I have a starnge feeling Ark was using your onboard and not the 670, like you think it was.

And are you loading into a base with 300 dinosaurs or what? The only time I EVER had any issues with Ark was when I was sitting in a base that had been in development for 6 months. That game get sooo cluttered. Online servers need to wipe every 6-8 months or the server takes forever to boot up and runs super slow.

Oh wait, the other time I had FPS issues was when I removed my 770 (which was getting 40-60 FPS btw) for two months while RMA’ing it. With Intel HD Graphics 3000 (The one from the i7 2600k Sandy Bridge) the game would play at an unplayable 3-6 fps and I would lag-port around. So yeah, the issues that game seems to have is with on-board graphics.

The game isn’t perfect, but you can’t say they never optimize. If your hardware is inadequate, your hardware is inadequate. ‘You must be this tall to ride this ride.’

Edit: Even my brothers old Radeon 6970 could play Ark with 25+ FPS

Well crap, I have a 2GB GTX 750 Ti which I got just last year ago, does that mean I’ll have to upgrade once again soon?

Probably, yes :'D

really i dont think this guy knows what he’s talking about because VRAM isnt everything

I’ve built every computer I own, played thousands of games, and am an IT guy.

But hey, I might not know what I’m talking about. Onboard GPU’s might have a comeback.

Edit: Have you ever tried a benchmark program like 3DMark Vantage or any of the others? Just curious.

VRAM is not everything, but it is one fairly important thing to look for. Of course good CPU and GPU in general is important too, and that you have a 64 bit OS since TU won’t run on 32 bit.

I’m just saying you have to account for clock speed and overclockability.