More food that can expire/ put food IN the refrigerator!

Put more food in the game
Let food expire
Hunger bar
Ability to put food in the fridge!

Thanks for reading!!


No, food shouldn’t be a requirement in any way shape or form.


Highly OPPOSED to this. It’s fine to have food for fun and cooking, but I don’t want to have to worry about dying from hunger. Its kind of the same argument against the Stamina bar.

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You would DIE just move a bit slower :smile:

Nope. Still against it. Again, boils down the the argument against the stamina bar and how that shouldn’t be included. This isn’t a survival game, its a social experience.


Yeah… I guess you’re right i was against the hunger bar too lol

We need an Iron Chef game mode/world, this would be incredible :smiley:

I like the fridge idea, as the Fridge would be a great addition to the condo and help with the realism department!

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A bunch of videogame/tv characters flying around on jetpacks at lightspeed or rolling around in giant bubbles kinda throws the idea of any realism whatsoever out the window.

I prefer to not have this feature which is something I’d have to worry about and have them work on more enjoyable things. Or if we’re hell bent on making the fridge do something make it like the fo3 household nukacola machine that adds a buff to the stats only.

I never said that fridges would be there to monitor the quality of the food, as I didn’t assent to his idea of food spoiling.

Realism is present in games in many ways, though in some cases not wholly. Tower Unite is not an exception. The fact that you have a condo is realism, because a person needs somewhere to live. The fact that you wear clothes is realism. The fact that you have a bathroom with a sink is realism. The fact that you may have a fridge for food is realism.

I’m not even sure what food would do in the end really. Anyone have any ideas? It’s kind of boring even while making smoothies in GMT to just hear my character drink a smoothie and have the cup disappear. I know about some smoothies with odd ingredients that kill you or disorient you, but I’m talking about your standard strawberry-banana mix. What does it… Do?

I think it should give you different perks; run speed, and maybe even rarer recipes, more Units obtained thru minigames.

Oh no that second part wasn’t to you it was @ the OP

Though towards you, where you see realism, I see things that are there because they are fun and would add something to the game. Wearing clothes is fun because it lets you customize and make yourself unique. Condos are fun because they’re handled more as a personalized attraction where you can hang out with friends and watch movies, play instruments, get virtually drunk, etc. Or by yourself you can do all those things as well as go to ‘sleep’ browse the web, redecorate, etc. Not because wearing clothes or having a condo are things we would do in real life. Fun over realism here.

Though I will give you that the bathroom is for realism, as well as the kitchen

We will not have a hunger bar.

Expiring food might be a thing though.

Also I’m gonna have the fridge let you put stuff in it.



This isn’t a survival game