More control in sound emitters


The sound emitter is quite limited, and the sounds are mostly for atmosphere.
If a player want’s to create a minigame or specific sound effects, the options are very limited at the moment.

  • Being able to import sound files in mp3 or wav format would be nice. Or alternatively with a link just like canvases.

  • The pitch slider on the sound emitters currently also changes the speed of the sound. More control over the speed and or pitch would be nice

  • There should also be more options to choose from, such as sine waves or square waves, and it would be cool to be able to choose a specific note or frequency to be played. (this is ambitious but maybe even a tiny piano roll could serve a lot of uses)

  • There should be an option to globally emit the sound in a given area (such as a cubic room) such that the sound doesn’t only come from the center of the sound emitter, but can be heard just as loud from any place in the room. This would make atmospheric sounds way more immersive, and would allow for alarms that warn players that something has happened.

Yep been saying it forever that being able to use a youtube link for sound would help so much. In addition, your 4th point is great. The whole drop off and radius mechanic is fine, but doing it as a block where the sound is the same consistent volume would be incredible.

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This one’s planned,


Also give a choice to make the range a square, because a lot of rooms are square and as it is right now, it’s impossible to have a sound emitter contained to just one room while also filling it.

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