Money storage

Money storage so you could put a little bit of money in a bank or something like that and you wouldn’t have to keep it on your player.

perfect for saving up for something

PS. It’s not for safety as the money would never magically disappear it’s just for purpose for saving up money that you might need 100k for or 50k

Banks were brought up many times in GMT, and I think the reasons it was denied still hold up, so I’m gonna put them here:

[quote=Lifeless in the old GMT previous suggestions thread,] Add some kinda bank system!

This is ultimately completely pointless. You can’t magically lose all your money, so it wouldn’t be needed for safety. We also don’t want to basically give out lots of free money (which bank interest would be exactly doing). Gamemodes earn players enough money easily, and saving isn’t a hard concept. We will not add this as it is not worth our time.

THEN AGAIN, Animal Crossing does have a bank system and there’s no way to magically lose your money in that game, but you do earn interest on it and PTG isn’t going to do that…

Not to say it isn’t a bad suggestion to consider, but maybe it’s not entirely necessary.


Ok. Well i have an idea, Completely different approach to save money for a rainy day without the need of a bank/Interest rates etc.

How about the ability to transfer units into an item which is equal to the value you payed and can be sold back while also having a decoration value to a house or something similar?
My proposal is to produce the following items:

Money Bags:
Vary in sizes based on how many units is in the bag, Which can be placed and also sold at a later date for the same amount you payed for it so there is no interest gained or lost!
This price would be 10 units, 100 units and 1000 units - I know what you are thinking, This is small amounts but then we go into the next items!

At the moment we have gold bars which are worth 7.5k units, Well what if they came in different sizes and metals?
Lead bar - 1000 Units
Silver Bar - 3k Units
Gold bar - 10K Units (The price of the old one would most likely have to change)
Platinum bar - 100k
These would then be able to be bought in stacks like the gold one currently at 9x the price as it is 9 bars.
Future update could involve investing too if you really wanted to go deep with it like a stock market where their is gain and loss with the materials, However i don’t think this should happen as it would then be like interest

Notes would be a cool thing to see which would come in stacks of bundles and have the devs or other important peoples faces on.
For instance the note worth would be 10 units, 20 units, 50 units and 100 unit notes and therefore the price would be equal to such bundles and be sold for the same.

Instead of sacks of coins, what about stacks? Stacking them up would be like stairs, You use a slider to equal the amount you want to put into the stack and it adjusts for that. However this will be harder i think to implement as it not classed as an item of value but instead an item that takes away money when using.

Of course this would need a bank if you wanted to add in so many items but i think it kinda solves the whole investing/Saving/interest thing and making it practical as it allows people to save, No one gets interest but while adding in new items to be used to make things like vaults, Safes and collections.
Hope you guys like this idea.


That is an amazing idea it re-creates my idea in a more interesting way :slight_smile:

i think so too i have been ASDENTLY spending to much money if i can do that then when i get money i can put in half to help me save so i think this shood happen

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Well, Animal Crossing does have a limit to how many Bells you can hold at a time, so it makes sense to have a bank system unless you want Bell bags everywhere. In TU, you can hold an infinite amount of Units, so it’s pointless. Being able to cap how much money you could spend at a time could help though, especially if you don’t want to go broke gambling.