Will There Ever Be player models that arent the base ones? for example: the baron from little crusaders.


Workshop will allow you to use custom player models, though that could bring it’s own issues…


I think it will only work for lobby servers and condos, and then they will only be applied if said server has the addon enabled.


i hope that the milestones will make it able to get models like these (like gmt used to have)


Pretty sure it’s going to depend on the player’s, not the server’s, settings.


I mean not to be rude but the first line in what you linked to pretty much confirmed what i just said.


I was talking about this part:

What I linked said nothing about server settings as far as I can tell




I don’t see how those two sentences connect logically. Nowhere in the quote I linked are servers, or server settings (whether something is enabled or not) mentioned. It only talks about the user being able to choose what models they want to have downloaded and displayed. As far as I can tell, the servers won’t have any effect on that.


Yes the server will have an effect on what addons are automatically downloaded by your game.

When you join the server it will check a list of addons it need to make you download for said server, then it will ask your game to tell it which addons it already has installed, if the automatic download hasn’t been disabled then any addons on the list that isn’t in the games posession will automatically be downloaded.


I think there is confusion with the wording.

The server does not have any say in the add-on. It is also loaded in real time and downloaded in real time.

So as long as you aren’t filtering the player or addon, it will download automatically and display.

The loading of the player models does not happen when you first join a server, but afterwards, while you are in the server.