Minigame suggestions

I think a fun minigame to play would be GO Karting, this could make a fun mini game because it adds something new to the game and to the world it would just make sense with all of the fun things going on in the virtual world

You might want to keep an eye on Accelerate, then. It’s going to be Tower Unite’s racing game, though it’s unknown when development focus will shift to it. It’s also not exactly known what Accelerate’s going to be like, as I recall the devs noting that it probably won’t be the same kind of game Source Karts was in GMT.


We had it in Gmod Tower, called Source Karts, it will be called Accelerate in Tower Unite

Except that Mac has already said that Accelerate most likely won’t be a cart racer.

Still it is assumed that it will be racing of some kind, every GMT game is being ported in one way or another, reguardless of any copyright issues having to be changed, but for example, the whole kart genre does not belong to games such as mario kart, crash bandicoot, garfield, tron and many many more games exist that match its style

Oh yeah, it’s already confirmed to be a racing game, just not a cart racer, which is what the initial suggestion is about.

I dont remember them specifically saying that? I thought it was just a matter of making it different from Source Karts but keeping some aspects the same.

Yeah, you’re right. This is the post I was thinking of:

Rereading now, though, I can see that I just misinterpreted it.

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