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  • Game coordinator setup
  • Basic gameplay loop
  • Game agent/controls setup
  • Gameplay loop finished
  • Win/lose conditions
  • Scoreboard
  • Menu banner
  • Menu icon
  • Hosting a server
  • Spawn point system
  • Payouts
  • Vehicle base
  • Vehicle: Drifting gives boost (and boost pad support)
  • Vehicle: Drifting
  • Vehicle: Tire suspension
  • Vehicle: Tire dirt effects (Dirt, Grass, Snow, Sand, Lava, and Water)
  • Vehicle: Player model
  • Checkpoints
  • Track point system
  • Lap system
  • Calculate player positions
  • HUD: Display current position
  • HUD: Display time
  • HUD: Display current lap
  • HUD: Display current lap time
  • HUD: Display best lap time
  • Vehicle: Resolve slope issues
  • Item Handling: Spline system for homing items
  • Item Handling: Item inventory
  • Item Handling: Using items
  • Item Handling: Displaying held item
  • Item Handling: Picking up item from item pickup
  • Item Handling: Item pickup
  • Item Handling: Damage animations
  • Item Handling: Multi-use items
  • Controller support
  • Controller support: force feedback
  • Workshop player model support
  • Gameplay: Handling going out of bounds or into water
  • Gameplay: Dirt makes your kart move slower compared to being on the track
  • Boost effects
  • Speed lines
  • HUD: Finish
  • HUD: Lapped
  • HUD: Best lap indicator
  • HUD: Waiting for players
  • HUD: Incoming item
  • HUD: Minimap
  • HUD: Customization menu
  • HUD: Out of bounds
  • HUD: Item wheel
  • HUD: Name tags (and floating chat)
  • Item system: Item wheel (random RNG)
  • Item system: Item weighted RNG
  • Item system: Items based on position
  • Camera: Backwards view
  • Item system: Handle flinging items forward (mouse wheel up) and firing projectile items backwards (mouse wheel down, or reverse camera fire)
  • Item System: Improved item handling to allow item properties to be stacked (moon power + dragon) properly
  • HUD: Countdown
  • HUD: Top 5 players currently
  • Gameplay: Racing points
  • Startline screen
  • HUD: Show player modifier items on minimap (moon power, flux)
  • HUD: Show all powerful sun on minimap
  • Sound effects (first pass)
  • Pine Valley music
  • Voice sounds
  • General polish to items
  • Adjust music volume and pitch based on game events
  • Upgrade System

Kart Models

  • Racecar Variant
  • Standard Kart
  • Kart Variation #2
  • Kart Variation #3
  • Kart Variation #4

Fine Tuning

  • Adjusted network rates to improve networking stability and smoothness
  • Handle hitting walls at high velocity (stop movement and do effects)
  • Drifting needs to end if you hit a wall
  • Bounce players off other players
  • Drastically improved bounce item logic (bowling balls). No longer does it bounce off weirdly, also now has gravity and handles ramps a lot better. And the overall logic is much cleaner and less prone to bugs


  • Flavor Melon: Gives the player a one time speed boost
  • 3x Triple Flavor Melon: Gives the player 3 speed boosts
  • The Good Old Gold Magic Melon: Gives the player an unlimited amount of boost for a temporary amount of time
  • Bowling Ball: Throws a bowling ball in front or behind you
  • Homing Bowling Ball: Same as bowling ball only it homes in
  • Bowling Pin Shield: Pins circling around
  • Birb Shield: Birb makes a shield around you
  • Beer: Drops a beer behind you, gets people drunk
  • Bumper: Bounces players off, removes after one hit
  • Minigolf Hole
  • All Powerful Sun
  • Moon Power Powerup: Kalleira casts a spell on the player, giving them increased speed and invincibility for a temporary amount of time
  • Combustible Cornelius: Kart turns into Cornelius from Little Crusaders and runs towards the front of the race
  • Flux: Slows down every player but you

Future Items

  • Claw: Pluck-a-pal claw that grabs a player and jets you towards them
  • Cosmic Catsack



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I’m looking forward to this!

What kind of racing style is it going to be like? Mario Kart, Lego Racers, F-Zero, Burnout, or Other?


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I think (not entirely sure) they want to stay away from Mario Kart style.

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oh yis

I hope that they’ll create 2 modes like Simulator and Arcade

That’s a shame. I figured the party setting of Mario Kart would be an ideal match for Tower Unite.

I’m sure they’ll keep some elements the same. Looking back at Source Karts, it had the weapon drops and everything.

They said before that they didn’t want to remake Source Karts (by remake, I mean in the same vein as Virus, Minigolf, and Little Crusaders, which are essentially extensively cleaned up ports of their GMT counterparts). Only the devs really know exactly what’s planned for Accelerate (if they even have a plan yet), so I wouldn’t say that a Mario Kart inspired game is out of the question. Of course, it could also go the complete opposite direction of Mario Kart, but that’s just the nature of not knowing what’s ahead.

I personally loved Source karts style as First Person Mario Kart and I’d love it if that would also be in Accelerate

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Oh yeah Accelerate Accelerate time


Oh yeah yeah

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Change of velocity with respect to time intensifies.


its time to start reving our engines

I have blue balls because I’m so excited for this



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