Microphone issues

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Build 13334959

Summary: Whenever I press push to talk, my game freezes for 2 seconds, and the game doesn’t pick up anything I say into my mic, then freezes again after I release the push to talk key.

Steps to Reproduce

Pressing push to talk.

What happened

Unable to talk in-game.

Notes / Media

I’m using a USB Yeti Microphone, I used to be able to use in-game voice chat before, but not anymore.

I have a yeti as well, so I can try to help.

We’ll start simple: is it set as your default microphone?

Please try this fix:

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I did have the Yeti set as my default device and the issue persisted. I ended up fixing the issue by uninstalling Meta, which took away Meta Oculus Microphone as a microphone option from devices. I can talk in-game now and it doesn’t freeze anymore when pressing push-to-talk.

Thanks for the help. =)

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Most stable Meta software

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