Mic spam

Can we still report players who mic spam? This is really common in GMT so I’m not sure if anyone actually cares about that rule

Is there a mute function in GMT by any chance?

Is there a rule in GMT against mic spam by any chance? Yes, there is. No sarcasm necessary.

There was no sarcasm as I don’t play GMT. I literally didn’t know.

But, to solve your problem, it’s really as simple as just muting them. And if there’s a rule against it, apparently, of course you can report, so you solved your own question.


There’s just some players who are really well known and popular who play music nearly every day and I never see anything done, so I wasn’t sure.

That’s probably because no one is reporting them.
Record them, gather their steam ID and profile, make a report.
Rule are rules.

We care about mic-spammers. Report them and we’ll deal with them.

Is this really a problem? A good amount of the community has grown from mic spamming.
Just my opinion that it shouldn’t be so highly enforced if its for fun and not to hurt people.

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This is a good point, but it doesn’t mean that spammers should be off the hook. I suppose the biggest difference between being fine using your mic and mic spamming depends on if you are annoying most other people by using your mic. I’d agree; if most people are enjoying what comes out of a player’s mic (assuming it doesn’t break the other rules), then it is probably fine. However, if everyone is getting annoyed, asks for the spammer to stop, and the spammer continues, then it would be a problem. The biggest thing to consider, in my opinion, is how others are affected by your use of the mic. If people want you to stop, be considerate and stop. Continuing to use the mic in the manner that annoys people isn’t really acceptable, and I believe it should be punished with the form mentioned at the beginning of the post. If no one cares or people are enjoying the mic, it should be fine and left alone.

TL;DR I think it would only count as “mic spam” if the spammer has been asked to stop and continues to use his mic in the annoying manner. Otherwise, continued mic use is perfectly fine and shouldn’t count as spam. Sorry for the wall of text, I just wanted to be clear with my opinion.


lol wtf

ever heard of “Rob”? Technically a mic spammer. I have been a member since around 2010 - 2011 and everyday there is videos or jokes being made in the tower that include mic spam. I completely agree with arkive86 if its to annoy and not to have fun or if you ask them to stop and he doesn’t that is a problem but something like Rob or This for example it shouldn’t be enforced. There is a mute function for a reason.

I just can’t comprehend the serious personal offense some people feel from mic spamming and their insistence that it’s always bad, no matter what. Especially with a mute function.


I agree because honestly i feel like its a waste of time to go on the forums and report somebody just for micspam when you could block / mute them, if in there micspam they where being sexist or racist then that would change the matter.


When you play out scenarios where you could either easily solve yourself and actually getting someone in trouble for this in your head, you start to get a headache. I’d advise against it.

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I mean even mac (maybe) knows that most users enjoy a good mic spamming as long as its funny.

Possibly. I dunno. Stuff like this makes me glad Tower Unite is on its way so each server will operate differently.

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I’ve had both good and bad experiences with mic spam. Now in Unite though, it will ultimately come down to what the server host wants to enforce.

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another instance of good mic spamming *

(also note that the video was uploaded by macdguy)*

Haha, nope! Report them all. “Rules are rules”.


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yes mac should report this to the forums… wait.